Making a Business Energy Mis-Selling Claim

The process of finding the best deal for business energy is often time-consuming and complicated.

This is a major reason why business energy brokers have prospered in recent years and why, now, the true extent of mis-selling is starting to become apparent.

In reality, it is believed that approximately 90% of energy contracts arranged by a broker or third party will contain an element of mis-selling.

Have you been mis-sold? Would you know what mis-selling looks like in an energy contract? Most would answer no. We have a dedicated team who can help with that, and they can get you the compensation you deserve following historic and current mis-selling.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to find out if you have been mis-sold and could claim back thousands.

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What is business energy mis-selling?

When a broker arranges a contract for business energy on your behalf, they will negotiate with the energy provider to deliver your energy requirements.

However, what is starting to come to the fore is the trend of mis-selling in some way shape or form. This could include hiding commissions from you as part of an energy deal and/or putting your company on a tariff that isn’t the best deal for you on the market at the time.

Identifying mis-selling within energy contracts is straightforward for a dedicated team like the one at Winns. So, if you have worked with an energy broker to get your energy deals, both historic and currently, get in touch with our team today and we can analyse your paperwork and aim to deliver an answer within two working days (this may take longer if we need to obtain contracts from your supplier).

“Mis-selling of contracts and passing on of undeclared charges is an insidious practice that many customers are not aware of without further scrutiny of their contract and invoices.”

Richard Hennah, Operations Manager of Windermere School

How can Winns help with your gas and electric mis-selling?

Our teams will utilise their legal knowledge to thoroughly investigate your paperwork as we seek to identify mis-selling. Once this is identified, we will set about recovering the compensation you are entitled to following mis-selling by an energy broker or another third party.

We will fight your case from start to finish and help recover what you are owed.

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Why is our funding model different from the rest?

Thanks to our no win, no fee approach, we do not take a penny from you at the start of your claim and will provide clear and explicit guidance in relation to future costs. There will be no upfront costs to pay and no spiralling costs should your claim become more complex and involve more work from our team. Working on a set percentage arrangement, your legal costs at the end of a successful claim will never go beyond your final compensation amount providing your business with the security of knowing exactly what to expect. If the claim isn’t successful, you don’t pay anything.

“Businesses have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing us to assess if they have been mis-sold and pursuing those responsible where they have.”

Jeff Winn, Winn Solicitors CEO


How long will an assessment take?

When we first receive your documents, our team will endeavour to provide you with an answer as to whether you have been mis-sold within two working days. If you have been mis-sold, our team will do the rest of the legal legwork for you, chasing the broker and any other external party involved for the compensation you are owed through legal channels.

Who will Winns pursue?

Depending on the circumstances of your energy deal(s) and who they were made with, our team will seek recovery of costs from either the broker who generated the deal or any other third party that was involved in the process of setting you up on a mis-sold deal.

What should I do if I think my business has been mis-sold?

Contact the team at Winns today using the claim form below. Our team will review your enquiry and contact you to discuss your situation, with no obligation to commit, depending on how much information you provide in your initial query, we may ask relevant questions to get the information required to assess if you have been mis-sold.

Alternatively, you can request a call-back at a time to suit you.


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