2 Oct 2018
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Claimant Receives £350k Payout with Winns after Workplace Accident

A construction worker has been awarded a sum of £350,000 thanks to Winn Solicitors, after suffering multiple injuries following an accident at work.

What happened

In August 2014, the claimant was erecting a sheet metal canopy over an entrance way when he fell from a height due to the negligence of his employers. The claimant was knocked suddenly from the ladder, sustaining substantial injuries as he fell to the ground, including:

  • Shinbone fracture, resulting in the need for the application of a Hoffman Fixator
  • Fractured ankle
  • Ligament sprain
  • Other ankle injuries resulting in reconstruction surgery

As well as these physical injuries, which required a lengthy period of treatment and rehabilitation, the accident also resulted in the client battling bouts of depression and anxiety.

What happened next?

“At first, when I was in the hospital, I thought I’d be out straight away,” said the claimant, “but the more it dragged on, the more I realised it was a bit more serious. It gradually became obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to work after this; it’s hard to say how I was feeling after finding that out. I was very worried about the financial side of it, like my mortgage payments.”

Winn Solicitors has supported the claimant since the accident occurred. As well as pursuing the case until a satisfactory settlement was reached, Winns were able to provide ongoing medical and rehabilitative care for both the physical injuries and the ongoing mental health conditions.

“I didn’t have a clue about the process or what you can claim for. But when I got in touch with Winn Solicitors, they got me on a rehabilitation course as well as gym membership and an electric bike,” continued the claimant.

“I found at the gym that I could use the bike because of the peddle angles so the electric bike got me out and about stopping me from being stuck indoors.

“Financially, Winn Solicitors got me interim payments to keep me afloat, as I was living on a shoestring. When David Burn got involved, he got all the different processes going and moved things on quickly.”

Receiving the settlement was not the end of the service Winns provided to the claimant.

“Now that I have settled my claim, it has taken the pressure off in terms of finances,” added the claimant. “Winns put me on to financial advisors to help with what to do with the money and I ended up putting it into a trust fund.”

Speaking about the case, solicitor David Burn was delighted to have assisted, “We understand that the time following an accident is always unsettling, so I am glad to have been able to help the claimant to receive the compensation and support he needed after his accident and get him back on track.”

If you have suffered from a non-fault workplace accident and want to make a claim, contact Winns through the LiveChat tool or call 0800 988 6288 to speak to a member of the team today.

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