Dry January 2020

With an increase in the number of fatal accidents involving drivers over the alcohol limit, Winns is supporting Dry January. We'll be updating this page throughout the month with ways to support and motivate you through Dry January.

What Winns Has Planned

What, how and why Winns is supporting Dry January

Dry January

Motivating You To Stay Dry

Weekly facts and articles to keep you dry all the way to the end of the month.

Effects of Alcohol speed of alcohol  Drink driving penalties

Drink Drive Driverless Dry Jan  Dry January: Life Saving Benefits

Dry January 2020 Competition

To support Dry January 2020, we are running a competition throughout the month.

Dry January 2020 Competition

To enter the competitions and stay up to date with our Dry January activities, visit and follow one of our social media pages:


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