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Accidents at Trampoline Parks

Thousands of people use trampoline parks every single day across the UK as a fun, family activity.

Although fairly straightforward, the increased exposure to risk is evident. It’s the reason why you’ll have a safety briefing before entering.

If you were injured at a trampoline park, and it wasn’t your fault, would you know who to turn to in pursuit of the compensation you deserve?

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A duty of care

The trampoline park owners have a duty of care to ensure a safe environment for those taking part and the identification and mitigation of risk where it isn’t possible to rule it out entirely.

They must ensure the equipment isn’t faulty and meets industry standards in terms of safety and quality. This should include regular maintenance and safety checks.

The company in charge should also provide appropriate advice and fair warning of the potential dangers of using trampolines before allowing people on the equipment.


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What types of injuries could be caused?

Typically, accidents on trampolines will occur when the person lands awkwardly after being sprung into the air. This can lead to arm, hand, neck, back, leg, and ankle injuries depending on the nature of the fall and the circumstances of the accident.

The extent of these injuries can vary, with short, medium, and potentially long-term, or even permanent, effects.

If you believe your injury was caused by the negligence of the trampoline park owners, why not give our experienced team a call for a no-obligation chat and see if you’re eligible to make a claim for compensation?

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What if I’ve signed a waiver?

At many trampoline parks, they may insist upon you signing a waiver before you take part in the activity. This does not allow them to completely avoid liability for an accident with the injured party still potentially able to make a claim.


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How can Winns help?

Winns has a dedicated team of advisors with decades of experience in public liability claims. Working diligently for clients, with their best interests at the forefront of our approach, we’ll cater for all elements of a claim so you can focus on what’s important – recovering from injuries and returning to a form of normality.

Our client care is focused on being as effective and efficient as possible, with a compassionate view of the difficulties faced by clients immediately after a non-fault accident.

To that end, our team will quickly set up relevant medical treatment alongside pursuing the accountable party for the personal injury compensation you deserve.

Working on a no win no fee basis, you won’t pay a penny for our services unless there’s a successful outcome, with the amount charged agreed and fixed from the outset. No surprise fees, and no rising costs based on the complexity of the claim. Just the reassurance that you know what to expect moving forward.

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