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Pedestrian Accident Claims

Making pedestrian accident claims with Winns.

Walking and running are fantastic pastimes that should always be encouraged; not only are they good for the environment but they’re also good for the body and mind too. Unfortunately not everybody who uses the roads is as careful behind the wheel and considerate to pedestrians as perhaps they should be and accidents can happen.

Accidents can happen in any number of ways, from cars being driven over the legal speed limit or under the influence of drugs and alcohol, to drivers ignoring traffic lights and crossings. 

When making your pedestrian accident compensation claim it is important to provide any evidence possible to show that another person, namely the driver whose car hit you, was responsible for your personal injury. Any information you can provide to our solicitors, such as the personal details of the driver and witnesses or any photographs of the scene, will greatly assist the strength of your claim. The police should also be made aware of the incident immediately.

How Winns Will Work for you During Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claims

Being the victim of a road accident as a pedestrian can be extremely serious, potentially leaving you with life-altering injuries or unable to work for extended periods of time. In 2013, government figures show that 24,033 pedestrians were hurt or killed in the UK (Gov.UK), underlining just how vulnerable those out for a walk or a run can be.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian, and want to make a pedestrian accident compensation claim, our specialist personal injury solicitors will fight for your right to claim compensation, working on a no win, no fee basis to get you the medical assistance you need.

As well as physiotherapy, Winn Solicitors can arrange a gym-based rehabilitation programme that is tailored to your needs as part of your pedestrian accident claim, helping you deal with your injuries and getting you back to fitness as quickly as possible. We can get you the treatment you need through our medical care system, recovering the costs from the other party’s insurers.

Staying Safe as a Pedestrian

Pedestrian accidents are rarely the fault of the injured party but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to help keep yourself safe on the roads.

The types of clothing you wear when out can make a big difference to your safety, especially when walking out at night or running. If possible wear bright or reflective clothing so as to be seen more easily. Specialist sportswear is common and easy to buy in a range of bright colours and reflective patterns. If you make regular trips in the dark however, perhaps walking to and from work in the winter months, and don’t feel a luminous jacket would be suitable attire, there are a range of other options such as sewing smaller reflective patches onto a bag. Patches sewn onto jackets and bags are also a great way to help aid the safety of older children who have to walk to school in dark uniforms.

This is less of an issue for younger children, as they are more likely to be escorted by a parent or guardian. During these times it is important for any adult to instill good road-safety practices, setting an example and instructing children in the recommendations made by the green cross code.

Particular attention should be paid to teaching children what the safest and most dangerous places to cross are, what the correct crossing procedure is and how to safely traverse the road so as to avoid an accident. It is also more important than ever to ensure that children are told to stop, look and listen when crossing the road and not be distracted by their phones and media devices.

Keeping safety first in mind and using these tips should help to keep you safe when using the roads as a pedestrian. Accidents do happen though, and if you find yourself injured by a driver then Winns are here to help.

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