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Making a Public Liability Claim with Winns

Did you know that anyone who has had a slip, fall, or accident in a public place is eligible to make a public liability claim? If you make a public injury claim with Winns, we will take care of your claim from beginning to end, getting you the settlement, help and advice that you deserve following this type of accident.

Can I make a public injury claim?

If you have suffered injuries thanks to an accident in a public place, then you will be able to make a public injury claim with Winns. The owner of the land (be it a company, organisation, council, or government department) has a duty of care to keep members of the public safe at all times, and if they fail in that duty then that is when public liability claims come into play.

If you have been injured as the result of an accident in a public place within the last three years, then you can make a claim for personal injury compensation with Winns. You must make your claim within this time period however, as any claims made after three years will be considered time-barred and will not proceed.

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How to make a public liability claim in search of personal injury compensation

When claiming personal injury compensation, if you have been injured in a public place it is important to document the scene prior to making a public liability claim. Showing the hazards that allowed an incident to occur, and the lack of safety provisions can be vital in proving that those in charge of the site did not adhere to their duty of care. If possible, you should also gather witness statements from anyone who saw the accident, or helped you afterwards, as these independent testimonies can be powerful evidence.

It goes without saying that you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible, however, Winns will arrange for you to speak to a medical expert as part of your personal injury claim. Not only can it be vitally important to diagnose any injuries and get the correct treatment as soon as possible, but a doctor's notes and expert opinion are invaluable when it comes to calculating a settlement amount.

Regardless of whether you’ve already sought the advice of a doctor or medical professional, your next step should be to get in touch with Winns' public liability claims experts.

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Who can make a public injury claim?

Anyone who has been injured in a public or privately-owned space where the correct safety measures were not present, and/or where an expected duty of care was not upheld, can launch this type of claim.

It is also possible to make posthumous public liability claims if a loved one was fatally injured as the result of an accident in a public place.

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Who are public liability claims made against?

Although it's best not to think about it too much, your day-to-day life is filled with places where you could have an accident. That's why it can be important to know who you need to make your public liability claim against:

  • Slips, trips and falls in supermarkets or shop; in these cases, your claim will be against whoever owns/operates the supermarket or shop, as they have failed to keep a customer safe.
  • Accidents in restaurants; likewise, if you have suffered due to an incident in a restaurant, it will be the owner or organisation that runs the chain that pays your settlement from their public liability insurance.
  • Accidents in occupied commercial premises; if you make a claim following this type of accident then the occupant of the premises is generally held responsible.
  • Accidents in areas owned or managed by local councils; in these cases the local authority will be at fault and expected to pay your settlement.
  • Sports injuries (football, gym, horse riding accidents); you are unlikely to be able to claim for an injury that occurs during a normal sporting event (such as a break as the result of a bad tackle). Your Winns claims handler will be able to provide advice based on the specifics of your situation, and you can also get extra information via the Citizens Advice website, here.

Why claim with Winns after an accident in a public place?

Well, that's simple. At Winns, we pride ourselves on taking care of every aspect of your case from start to finish. Not only will we keep you up to date with any progress in your claim, but we'll also present you with the settlement.

We also organise any necessary and relevant medical treatment that you may need, helping to make sure that you can get back on your feet and put an accident in a public place behind you.

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The help I've had from Diane and the guys at Winns have been first class, regular calls and updates have kept me in the loop with how things have been progressing too. Nothing has been too much trouble, plus when I text to say I had query I received a call back within 20 minutes!

Willian Allan

I suffered injuries to my neck and back in which Winn Solicitors helped with by referring me to a physiotherapist straight away. Katherine, who has been an absolute star from start to finish, her communication is excellent and nothing is ever too much to ask. She is a credit to the Winn team. At one point I was quite slow with my response time however, Katherine was very understanding and helped throughout every stage of the claim.

The team were always quick to respond to any questions or enquiries I had. If Katherine was busy at the time, I would always receive a response back by the end of the day for an update. Thank you to Katherine and the team. You all made a difficult time a lot easier and I couldn’t recommend this company enough.

Laura Wakeman

Public liability claims – FAQs

What is Public Liability?

Public liability relates to the legal process whereby a member of the public suffers injury due to negligence on business premises or in public places. If you'd like to find out more about the question 'what is Public Liability?', give our team a call now.

How does a public liability claim work?

Although the above answers the question 'what is Public Liabilty?' it doesn't explain how a claim works. When claiming on public liability insurance, claim settlements are taken from the public liability insurance of the at-fault party when a public liability claim is conducted. Once blame has been apportioned, a fair settlement will be calculated for your injuries and distress. To find out more about how a public liability claim works, click here to be taken to our dedicated blog on the subject.

What qualifies for a public liability claim?

Public liability claims examples include instances like a person slipping on untreated surfaces in a supermarket car park, or being struck by a falling object, or even if they slip or trip in a shop. These are just a few common examples but far from a complete list of potential public liability claims.

What is a personal injury compensation claim?

A personal injury compensation claim is a way of getting compensation for an accident that was not your fault. Whether you have suffered short-term injuries or been left with long-term problems, you are entitled to make a claim. Find out more on our dedicated personal injury claims page, here.

What can compensation pay for?

The key element of calculating a compensation settlement is the severity and lasting impact of any injuries that were sustained as part of the accident. A settlement amount will also take into account loss of earnings if you have been left unable to work, as well as expenditure. That means the amount of money you have spent as a direct result of the accident seeking medical care, making alterations to your house, and travelling if unable to drive.

A Winns claims handler will be able to give you an idea of how much your claim could be worth following an injury in a public place.

Do I need a personal injury solicitor to make a claim?

Using the skill and expertise of a personal injury solicitor would be hugely beneficial to your prospects when claiming personal injury compensation. They have experience in the process and can make sure the processes involved are followed meticulously, ensuring the best possible outcome in your circumstances.

How long do I have when claiming personal injury compensation?

When claiming personal injury compensation, claims must be made within three years of the incident, otherwise, it will be considered time-barred and your claim will not proceed. Children injured following an accident in a public place have until they turn 18 years old to make a claim.

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