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Making Passenger Accident Claims, with Winns

Making passenger accident claims in the wake of a collision can be stressful. If you want to make a claim for passenger injury compensation, then Winns is here to help.

How do I start the process of making a passenger accident claim?

If you have been riding as a passenger in a vehicle and have suffered injuries as the result of a crash, then you can start the process of making a passenger accident claim with Winns.

If possible, you should look to make detailed notes of the circumstances leading up to the accident, as well as taking photographs of the scene, as these can prove to be invaluable evidence. You should also ask any bystanders if they would be prepared to make a witness statement and seek medical advice straight away. As well as diagnosing any injuries that need treatment, a doctor's notes will also provide a record that can be used in calculating your settlement.

Can I make a claim for passenger injury compensation?

If you have been a passenger in a car involved in an accident, and have suffered an injury as a result, then you are entitled by law to make a passenger injury claim. As you were not driving, then you cannot be classed as being at fault, and so claiming as a passenger is often easier than it is for motorists who are trying to determine blame on the part of another driver.

Once you are ready to make a passenger injury compensation claim, your next step should be to call Winns. You should be aware though, that there are restrictions and limitations to keep in mind when it comes to making passenger accident claims.

The most important of these is the time in which your claim can be made. If you do not launch passenger accident claims within three years of an incident, then your claim will be considered time-barred and will not proceed any further. If you were involved in a collision as a child, however, then you have until your 21st birthday to seek a settlement.

To find out more, or start your own passenger injury compensation claim, get in touch with Winns today.

Why use Winns to get your passenger injury compensation?

At Winns we take care of you, and your claim, every step of the way.

As well as giving you all the information and updates that you need to follow your claim with confidence, we also arrange for any necessary medical care and treatment. That includes physiotherapy, to help get you back to feeling like yourself after a collision.

What our clients say

Winns helps thousands of people each year to make personal injury claims. Thanks to the hard work of our brilliant team, we hold an 'excellent' status on the independent reviews site, Trustpilot. Here are just a few recent reviews that have been left by our clients:

9 out of 9 for customer service!! Everything that was said was done to a really high standard. Will highly recommend to friends if they are unfortunate to have an accident.

Mr M Simms

I've never had any solicitors before in my life, but I was sadly in an accident and my fiancé was using Winns. From this experience with Winn Solicitors I’ve felt like all my questions and problems were answered. I felt like I was safe to speak out. I’d like to say thank you to Kelly (she’s been dealing with my case) she’s been an absolute star and I would recommend her and the whole company with pleasure.

Courtney Wright

I’m incredibly happy for the service I received today after reporting an accident. [Winns were] very patient and sympathetic and explained everything simply. Very helpful.

Kelly King

Call or use Live Chat to ask our team about making a passenger accident compensation claim today.

Who are passenger injury claims made against?

When it comes to passenger accident claims, there are a number of potential parties who are liable, depending on the circumstances.

Here is a list of potential accident causes, as well as who the at-fault party would be:

  • Accident caused by road conditions.
    If a road is in disrepair, and it is this poor-quality surface which has caused an accident, then the local authority would be deemed liable for your accident. If, however, an issue with the road was reported a short time before your accident, and the council did not have time to respond and fix the issue, then your claim may not be successful.
  • Uninsured drivers
    If the car you were travelling in was hit by an uninsured driver, then it is still possible to claim for a settlement. Instead of seeking compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we would go to The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB). Set up in 1946, the MIB provides compensation for those involved in an accident where the at-fault party is either uninsured or cannot be found.
  • Claims against a friend or family member
    If you were travelling with the at-fault party, or happen to be known to the at-fault party, then you should not worry about making a claim. You have suffered an injury, and the reason they have insurance is to pay out in such events, so don't hesitate to take the appropriate steps.

  • Public transport accidents
    If you are injured while using public transport, such as a bus or train, then the service operator will likely be deemed at fault, as their insurance will cover larger numbers of potential claimants following a collision. For more information, please read our dedicated page about accidents on public transport.

If you would like more information about making a road traffic accident claim, you can read our page on the subject here. You can also read what Citizens Advice has to say about making a claim if you are in an accident by clicking here.

Staff member was very patient with me as I was very shaken by what had happened. As a young female they were very concerned that I was on my own and checked to see if I had anybody I could call so I wasn't on my own for too long. I followed the advice in the TV ads and put Winns phone number in my phone. I am so glad I did.

Georgina Moroney

Winns made the process after my car crash very simple and dealt with the claim professionally. They organised all elements from hire cars to repairs and injury treatment etc. following on the from accident quickly and efficiently. The staff who dealt with my case were all polite and friendly and made me feel at ease throughout the process, and always kept me up to date with the status of the claim. Great professional company whom I would certainly contact again if I was in need of any legal advice or action.

Sophie Nicholson

Speak to a member of the Winns team using Live Chat, or on the phone, and start your passenger accident compensation claim today.

Passenger accident claims - FAQs

Can I claim for being a passenger in a car accident?

Yes, if you have been injured as the passenger in a car accident then you can make a claim. Fault may be split between the driver of your vehicle and the third party, in which case we will negotiate with both sets of insurers.

Can I claim for personal injury if the accident was my fault?

Under compensation law, passengers cannot be deemed responsible for an accident. Blame will always fall to a driver or organisation, as outlined above.

What can be claimed for after a car accident as a passenger?

A settlement for passenger injury claims can cover many factors. Amongst these are the cost of treatments, loss of earnings, travel expenses, and changes to quality of life. Your Winns advisor will be able to give you a more thorough idea of how a settlement amount is reached.

Fantastic customer service, dealt with everything seamlessly. Kirsty my agent dealing with my claim was polite, honest - totally sincere and I trusted her 100% [...] They dealt with everything, I had no phone calls to make or had to deal with anything myself. Highly recommended!

Mrs Caroline Young

I have used Winn Solicitors before, and for the second time now I can say they are so helpful and understanding, it takes the pressure off of knowing what to do next.

John Baker

Contact Winns and start your passenger injury compensation claim today.

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