Passenger Accident Claims

Have you been injured as a passenger in a road accident? Not sure if you are eligible to claim? Call Winn Solicitors today on 0800 988 6288 and we can help you to receive compensation to help you get back on your feet and pain-free in no time.

Can I Claim Passenger Injury Compensation?

As a passenger, you may claim for any injuries or out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of a road traffic accident.

In actual fact, claiming as a passenger is a more straightforward process than it is for drivers. As no blame for the accident can be apportioned to you, compensation claims can be processed based on the injuries you have sustained.

Regardless of who is to blame – either the other motorist or the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in – you are eligible to claim for any collision that results in an injury to you. But what is the best way to make a claim?

At Winns we offer the solution to passengers pursuing compensation for an accident caused by one or both drivers of the vehicle(s) involved in a collision. We believe that your primary focus after an accident should be on ensuring you have been properly assessed by a medical professional and receive any necessary treatment as fast as possible.

Why Choose Winns for your Passenger Accident Compensation Claim?

We are one of the UK’s leading accident management businesses. We offer a comprehensive service able to provide instant medical assessment, rapid physiotherapy and handle the organisation of your medical appointments as well as pursuing the reasonable compensation on your behalf.

With more than a decade of experience in personal injury law, we offer the finest customer service, supporting our customers every step of the way through to case completion.

The Truth About Passenger Compensation Claims

People often believe that road traffic accident claims can only be pursued by those who are insured themselves – such as the two or more drivers involved in an accident.

This simply isn’t true. As one of the country’s leading accident management companies, you can trust us to handle your case by contacting the relevant insurers and pursuing the culpable party or parties for the reasonable compensation you deserve. As experts in personal injury claims, we can guide passengers through every aspect of their accident claim from first call to case completion.

The result: getting you back on your feet and back to normal as fast as possible.

What Can I Claim For?

In addition to claiming compensation for injuries sustained, passengers are also eligible to claim for:

• Loss of earnings
• Out-of-pocket expenses
• Other losses

What if the Driver of the Vehicle I was Travelling in Was to Blame?

If the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in was to blame for the accident you should be aware that this is an every day occurrence. You may feel reluctant to make a compensation claim if the driver responsible was a friend or family member, but remember that their insurance policy was specifically designed to cover this kind of situation.

It is not uncommon for passengers to suffer cases of whiplash, broken bones or even more serious injuries that cause long-term pain and suffering. By making a claim through us, you can ensure that you receive the treatment you need without delay and without paying any upfront costs.

Passenger Responsibility in a Road Traffic Accident

It is important to remember that as a passenger in a vehicle, while you are not to blame for a road traffic accident, you must be responsible for your actions at all times.

This includes wearing a seat belt at all times when travelling in a vehicle and never getting into a car when you know that the driver is under the influence of alcohol.

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