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Serious Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Have you suffered from a serious injury as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault? Winn Solicitors are here for you.

Brain Injury

If a family member or loved one does not have the capacity to deal with their own affairs, can I commence a claim on behalf of them?

Every person has the right to be responsible for their own decisions, until it has been proven that they are not able to do so. If your family member or loved one is at a stage where they are unable to make their own decisions, it is possible for you to represent them. In this case, you would act as a ‘litigation friend’. As a ‘litigation friend’ you will be able to ‘direct the proceedings’ by making decisions in their interests while keeping them involved as much as possible.

In cases where your family member or loved one does not have the capacity to manage their own financial affairs they will be appointed a Deputy by the court of protection. This is to ensure their compensation is protected and used with their best interests in mind.

What help can I get in order to promote recovery?

Winn Solicitors understands the importance of rehabilitation in order to aid recovery. We will ensure your specific needs are taken into account, and that an individually specific rehabilitation plan is implemented as soon as possible. We will work hard to ensure that funds are released as early as possible in order to facilitate the quickest possible recovery.

I want to return to work after a brain injury. Are you able to help?

A brain injury is life changing and at Winn Solicitors we understand the importance of regaining your independence and getting back to as normal a life as possible - as quickly as possible. Although it may not always be an achievable goal to get back into employment, we are committed to providing a range of services to help with your return to work as much as we can. These services include bespoke rehabilitation packages and job coaching, to give you the best chance at taking back control of your life.

Spinal Injuries

How can you help improve my quality of life?

At Winn Solicitors, we understand the requirement for prompt and efficient rehabilitation after a life changing injury. This is why we will always endeavour to get funding released at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure a timely assessment of your rehabilitation needs and to implement these as quickly as possible. To ensure you receive the best possible care, specialist case managers may be instructed to assess your individual needs and implement the necessary treatment to make your recovery as efficient as possible.

Will my care continue once my claim is settled? How can I be assured of this?

Our main concern is that you are not only taken care of in the immediate instance, but that you also continue to receive the care and support you need on an ongoing basis – physically, mentally and financially. This is why it is of significant importance to us that you receive the right level of financial compensation for the injuries you have sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence. A full assessment of your current and future needs will be undertaken by an expert, in order to help identify the necessary level of financial settlement you need in order to lead as normal a life as possible going forward. Your compensation will be paid either in the form of a lump sum, or in regular payments. The method of payment depends on your individual circumstances and will be fully explained to you during your claim.

As well as ensuring financial stability following your injury, we will also ensure that there is a full, expert assessment of your other future needs, such as: rehabilitation, any necessary equipment and home adaptations, vehicle alterations and any other adjustments you may require.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury, contact Winns today to get honest, professional advice with no upfront cost to you. Our specialist team will assess your case on an individual basis and help you get the medical assistance and compensation that you deserve.