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Don’t allow yourself to be saddled with the bill for a cycle accident – call Winn Solicitors

Cycling has never been more popular in Britain than it is today. But with the volume of traffic on the roads increasing all the time, it is predicted that the number of cycling accidents is only set to increase. There are nearly 20,000 reported accidents involving cyclists recorded every year – and research suggests that many thousands more go undocumented. As vulnerable road users, it is important that help is at hand for cyclists after they are involved in a non-fault accident as injuries can often be more serious than for other road users.

Have you been involved in a bike accident in the last three years? Call Winn Solicitors, the cycling accident claims specialists, today on 0800 988 6295 and we can help win you the cycling accident compensation you deserve. Alternatively, speak to our online team by clicking on Live Chat now.

Why Make a Cycle Accident Compensation Claim with Winn Solicitors?

Here are just a few reasons you should speak to a member of our team after a non-fault accident:

• Bicycle accident claims specialists: Our specialist team of cycling claim solicitors and case handlers are dedicated to providing the best support and service on a no win no fee basis. 

• Legal support: Our legal advice and representation needs no upfront costs if your case goes to court – although this rarely happens as we have an excellent record for retrieving compensation and costs without needing to resort to court action.

• Medical consultations, rapid physiotherapy: Minor and serious injuries are common in cycling accidents. When left untreated, injuries can worsen and be problematic for significantly longer. We provide medical assessment treatments and physiotherapy to our clients through On Medical to get you back to health. The cost of medical attention is charged to the other party’s insurer in a non-fault accident.

• Claiming for damaged equipment: It’s not just the bike that can be claimed for after an accident. The cost of equipment such as helmets, gloves, lights, shoes and clothing can run into the hundreds of pounds. At Winn Solicitors we collect these costs from the third party's insurer.

We are experienced cycling claims solicitors so we understand that you want to be fit, healthy and riding your own bike rather than injured and without your favourite mode of transport while you wait for repairs, treatment and compensation.

Want to know more about the level of compensation you might receive as part of a bicycle accident claim? Try our Claims Calculator on the right-hand-side of the page now. Or start a conversation with our online team and get fast, expert advice using our Live Chat tool.

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