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Accidents at School

Children should be able to learn and enjoy school in a safe and considered environment, one that delivers on a duty of care and ensures their health and wellbeing.

But what happens when that duty is absent and an accident takes place, putting a child in harm’s way?

Who can you turn to for help?

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A helping hand with Winns

Winn Solicitors has a team of expert advisors standing by to support you through the claims process, taking the stress and hassle away so you can focus on what’s important – the health and wellbeing of your child.

With experienced legal professionals in our public liability team, they’ll provide the best advice and guidance and get the right medical treatment swiftly to speed up the recovery process and return to a form of normality.


I would highly recommend Winn Solicitors ... to anyone in need of legal assistance following a non-fault accident. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to getting the best possible outcome for their clients are second to none.



What types of accidents can happen at school?

Although not something any parent wants to consider, your child can be injured in an accident in a number of ways during the school day, including:

  • Falling due to faulty playground equipment
  • Tripping over a removed object that has left a post in the ground
  • Slipping or tripping on uneven or defective surfaces
  • On school trips due to negligence
  • During sports activities
  • In cooking, textiles or woodwork classes whereby extra potential hazards exist in the classroom including sharp tools being used and the danger of burns.

If your son or daughter wasn’t at fault for the accident, a claim may be made to help with recovery from the injuries sustained and even a future altered by the fallout of the incident.

When can you make a claim for your child?

A child is not legally entitled to make a claim meaning the parent or guardian is the one to conduct proceedings on their behalf.

There are certain legal limitations to making a claim for personal injury compensation. When it involves an adult, it is three years from the date of the accident.

But when a claim is being made on behalf of a child under the age of 18, this statutory time limit doesn’t start until their 18th birthday as opposed to starting from the day the incident took place.

This means you have until their 21st birthday to submit a claim and begin the process.


Because of my conversations with Esther I have total confidence in Winn Solicitors and how they will handle my claim. I am very appreciative of the excellent service I have received so far.

S Tariq


How much does it cost to make a claim?

The way our outstanding client care is delivered, you don’t pay a penny in upfront costs as part of our no win no fee approach. We will only take payment if your claim is successful – and the amount is a fixed, agreed percentage that doesn’t change from the outset – meaning you won’t pay if we don’t succeed.

No surprise costs midway through and no sliding scale rises if your claim becomes more complex, just the reassurance you’re being backed by a legal powerhouse with decades of experience in achieving successful outcomes for clients.

Want a no-obligation discussion about your circumstances to see if you’re eligible to make a claim? Get in touch today for a chat with our friendly team.

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