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Making a Non-Fault Vehicle Claim for Repairs with Winns

Making a non-fault vehicle claim with Winns couldn't be more simple.

We understand that the last thing you need to worry about following a non-fault accident is how you are going to get around, and that's why we provide our clients with a like-for-like replacement vehicle as soon as possible. Our non-fault car hire service allows you to take advantage of thousands of makes and models found across the country.

Whether you usually drive a seven-seater for the school run, indulge your sporty side with a stylish coupé, take to the roads in something more rugged, or anything in between, we work hard to get you an exact match while your car is undergoing repairs. It's part of our non-fault car hire guarantee.

I've had a non-fault crash, how can I claim for damage in car accident?

If you need to make a non-fault vehicle claim, then Winns will help you get the compensation you deserve, as well as any medical treatment such as physiotherapy. Call us before your insurer, and we will also arrange your non-fault car hire whilst your car is being repaired.

Once you have contacted Winns, our specialist case handlers will take care of everything, including the necessary arrangements for non-fault vehicle repairs, and pursuing your claim through court. You will be kept up to date every step of the way.

Who pays after a non-fault vehicle claim?

If the accident you have been involved in was non-fault, vehicle repairs will still have to be paid from your excess. Once a settlement has been reached however, and blame is applied to the at-fault party, then you can recoup these costs from them and their insurance company.

Winns operates on a no win, no fee basis, so you don't have to pay us up front to pursue your settlement and non-fault vehicle repairs claim. If your claim is successful, and compensation is reached with the cost of vehicle repairs included, then we will make deductions from your settlement to cover our services.

With Winns, you can make a non-fault vehicle claim with confidence. Call or use LiveChat to speak to a member of our team today.

Why call Winns before your insurer?

Following a non-fault accident the first thought may be to make a car insurance claim. Although it is important to deal with the fall-out of an accident swiftly, there are issues with this being your first call, including:

  • No guarantee the chosen garage will use genuine manufacturer parts, thus impacting on your warranty
  • No like-for-like replacement vehicle; you could end up with something far from suitable for your needs
  • An impact on the cost of your insurance premium
  • You needing to arrange multiple aspects of your claim.

By calling Winns first, we take care of everything, including contacting your insurer to inform them you have been in an accident. No hassle, no fuss and you can focus on getting back to your normal day-to-day routine quickly.

What do Winns do better than your insurer?

Calling Winns not only takes the stress and hassle out of making a claim following a non-fault accident but we can provide things that an insurer may not, with only genuine manufacturer parts involved in repairs – to protect your warranty – as well as a like-for-like replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired. No need to accommodate a smaller or less suitable model; we’ll aim to get the vehicle you need for your circumstances.

If you call Winns, before your insurer, you will avoid the potential headaches associated with car insurance claims and instead rely on a team of dedicated professionals who can cater for all requirements following an accident that wasn’t your fault.

How can I claim for non-fault vehicle repairs for my motorcycle?

Making a claim for repairs to a motorcycle is no more difficult than if you had been driving a car. If you contact Winns before your insurance company then we will still take your case forward and offer you a like-for-like replacement vehicle whilst repairs are being made to yours.

You can find out more about claiming following a non-fault motorcycle accident on our specialist page, here.


Winns helps a huge amount of people each year to make a successful non-fault vehicle claim, and you can read a few of our case studies here and here.

Don't just take our word for it though. We have a five-star profile on consumer review site Trustpilot, and below are a selection of the comments our clients have submitted:

I had followed a friends advice and contacted wins solicitors to make a claim after someone crashed into my car. Being a fairly new driver and in shock at the incident, a member of the first response team made the process a lot easier. Explaining things calmly and thoroughly over the phone as well as ensuring I fully understood every aspect took the majority of stress away.

N. Stevenson

Contacted Winn solicitors with regards to my accident and I have to say my claim handler, Stephen, has been excellent. Very friendly and helpful, he has answered any questions I have had with no hesitation. My experience so far has been great I would definitely recommend.

Danny Hunter

Excellent customer service from Jake Robinson, call handler within the First Response Team.
Re-assuring initial phone call which was detailed, providing confident assistance and guidance.

J. Jobson

Have you been in a non-fault accident? Vehicle damaged as a result? Get in touch with Winns today to make a non-fault vehicle claim.

Can I make a non-fault vehicle claim after an accident in a courtesy car?

If you've been involved in a non-fault accident, and the car damaged as a result was a courtesy car, then you can still make a claim. You will have to pay the excess to have the car repaired, but this amount will be claimed for as part of your settlement from the at-fault party.

Can I get my car repaired on a non-fault claim without involving my insurance company?

We always recommend that you contact the team at Winns before notifying your insurer of an incident, that way we can organise your medical treatment and replacement hire vehicle ASAP. That being said, you are obligated to notify your insurance company afterwards. They need to take any incident and its causes into account to calculate premiums.

Working with Lisa Faucher has been very helpful. All queries are answered promptly, and the process has been dealt with very quickly. Doctors appointments and physio has been a main priority and [have been arranged] as soon as possible.


Very friendly and helpful staff handled all elements of my claim very well indeed. Rang a few times during the process with questions which were answered brilliantly. They are very approachable. Staff also showed compassion due to me being upset about the damage to my car due to the third party’s incompetence which was appreciated. Would recommend this firm unreservedly. Thank you Winn Solicitors.

Christopher Tunnicliffe

Get in touch with Winns today to make a non-fault vehicle claim. Whether you call or use LiveChat, our case handling team is ready to answer any questions you have.


Are car damage claims and personal injury claims separate?

When you make a personal injury claim, any damage to your vehicle (and the cost of repair) will be taken into account when your settlement is calculated. If you have emerged from the incident unscathed, but your vehicle has not, then you can launch a non-fault vehicle damage claim to recoup the cost of any work that needs to be done.

Can I claim for loss of earnings if an accident is not my fault?

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and can show that you have missed work, or the opportunity to work, due to injuries sustained, then you can claim loss of earnings. This will be taken into account when calculating the monetary value of your settlement.

Can I drive a car after I have had an accident in it?

While you may be able to technically drive your car after an accident, we'd recommend that you phone us first. That way we can have one of our experts examine the car, and provide you with a like-for-like hire vehicle if necessary. After all, there may be an issue which is not immediately obvious and could cause a second accident.

The woman with whom I dealt with knew what she was doing and came across very professional and confident. I feel assured in knowing that my claim will be handled correctly and with the relevant professionalism due to the exchanges we had on the phone.

Liam Perks

I found Winns to be really helpful. I never had to do a thing they sorted everything out and would ring you to let you know what was happening in my claim. Fingers crossed it never happens again but i would 100% go with Winns again.

Nicola Darbyshire

To launch your non-fault vehicle claim, call Winns today. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team using the LiveChat tool.

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