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Are you Looking to Claim Cycling Accident Compensation in Durham?

Are you seeking cycling accident compensation in Durham? Call Winn Solicitors now for a helping hand to get you back on the road and back in the saddle.

Cycling is a hobby that is great for health, wellbeing and the environment. But it means sharing the same roads as vehicles who will fare much better if a collision occurs.

It’s why cyclists – classed as vulnerable road users – must remain vigilant on roads in and around Durham, and beyond. No more is this needed than on the stretch of road between Nevilles Cross and Brandon, which has seen eight ‘slight’ accidents and two serious ones.

Durham has a bustling cycling community as many have traditionally cycled to work, or to university classes. In these current times, many have taken to their bikes as a hobby during extended lockdowns and social restrictions.

But what happens if you have a non-fault accident on your bike? How does the process of making a cycling claim work? Who do you turn to?

Can I claim cycling accident compensation in Durham?

If you have been injured following a non-fault accident, which was caused by the negligence of a third party, you can make a claim for personal injury compensation.

The criteria to submit a claim is straightforward:

  • You need to have been involved in a non-fault accident with a motor vehicle
  • You need to have sustained injury as a result
  • You must be 18 or older; if not, you need a litigation friend to submit the claim on your behalf or you can wait until you are 18
  • The accident must have taken place within three years of your submission (there are exemptions to this rule).

How do I make a claim?

Making a cycling accident compensation claim in Durham is simple. Contact Winns through our 24-hour claim-line, or chat through our Live Chat service (7am-7pm every day) from any page of our website, and we can begin the claims process immediately. Alternatively, request a call-back at a time to suit you and a member of our team will ring you back.

After an initial assessment of your circumstances on first contact with Winns, our team will start the process by taking relevant details surrounding the nature of the accident, while assessing what your additional needs are as a result of the accident. Treatment is swiftly organised, with a medical report arranged to support your claim for compensation.

The rest of the claim, with your input when extra information is required, will be taken care of by our expert team, who will liaise with the third-party insurer and other stakeholders involved, to help you during a difficult time post-accident. Minimising stress, reducing worry about legal processes and getting the treatment you need, we’re here to help.

Who can make a claim?

You can make a claim for personal injury compensation:

  • If you are 18 or over
  • If you have suffered an injury from a non-fault accident on a road, public place or in a commercial setting
  • If the injury you wish to claim for has taken place within the last three years.

There are exemptions to the three-year statutory time-limit. If the accident took place while you were under 18, the time-limit begins on your 18th birthday.

Alternatively, if you are claiming on behalf of a deceased loved one, the time-limit begins from the date of their passing or, depending on context, the date that the cause of death is discovered. This is provided the three-year limit didn’t end before their death.

Who do I make the claim against?

When making a claim for personal injury compensation, you are claiming against the person who was the cause of the accident, or whose negligence lead to the incident taking place. Once liability is established and accepted by the third party, they should have suitable insurance cover for these sorts of situations, so the indemnity will be covered by their insurance provider.

What are the most common cycling injuries?

Classed as a vulnerable road user, cyclists are often more susceptible to injury following an accident as a result of them having less safety equipment to protect them and being more exposed. Helmets provide some protection for the head, but the rest of the body remains vulnerable to injury.

A variety of accidents can occur involving cyclists, ranging from road traffic accidents, to collisions with car doors opening in their path and also accidents caused by unstable road surfaces which include potholes opening up.

These can lead to a number of injuries, with the most common types being:

  • Broken bones as a result of falls or coming into contact with the floor or objects which have struck the cyclist
  • Head/brain injuries as a result of being thrown off the bike following a collision or loss of balance on an uneven road surface
  • Fatal accidents due to the exposed nature of cyclists on the road.

After being involved in a RTA which was not my fault, I sustained a degree of whiplash which has been uncomfortable for some weeks. My company put me in contact with Winns, who have shown themselves to be prompt, considerate and thorough. I was impressed by the way they contacted me in the weeks after the accident to ask how my injuries were and enquire about my general well-being. I would confidently use Winns’ services again should the need arise.

Mr Wells

Very efficient and worry-free process for me to go through.

Ms Cardwell-Wood

Stephen was very helpful and clear in explaining to me how it was going to be processed. I'm happy to have help and get this sorted as I was very worried about how it all works.

Kara-Paige Louise Lovejoy

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Why make a cycling accident claim with Winns?

When looking for help with claiming cycle accident compensation, by choosing Winns you are electing a company that can help with all aspects of your claim. Winns will co-ordinate your case from start to finish, liaising with relevant external parties.

Our legal experts will gather the appropriate evidence, arrange medical treatment for your injuries and do all of the hard work so you can focus on the important things; recovery and getting back to normal.

Contact Winns today, for a helping hand with your personal injury claim.

After trying to deal with the other party’s insurance after a [cycling] accident and being sick of having to chase them I decided to instruct Winns to help. It was such a relief when they took responsibility for the claim and couldn’t believe how straightforward they made the process for me. I wish I’d contacted them earlier!

Ross Lavery

Cycling accident claim FAQ

How long do cycling injury claims take?

The duration of your claim depends on a number of factors. The nature of the accident, the extent of your injuries, and the acceptance of liability, all play a role in the length of time your claim will take. The more complex the case, the longer, inevitably, it will take.

How do I make a cycling accident claim?

Making a claim involves one initial phone call or Live Chat discussion with our expert team. They will assess your case and progress it appropriately, taking all of the stress out of the scenario by handling the various different elements, negotiating with the third party insurer and ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

To begin a claim, contact Winns today on our 24-hour claim-line, or request a call-back at a time to suit you. Alternatively, start a Live Chat with one of our advisors (7am-7pm every day).

Do I have to pay legal fees when claiming for a cycling accident?

When choosing Winns to handle your claim, you won’t pay any upfront fees for our services.

We operate under a no win no fee agreement, meaning that you will have no costs to pay if your claim is unsuccessful (provided you have cooperated fully and have not been fraudulent or dishonest). Our legal fees are agreed with you at the outset of your claim and are taken as a deduction from your personal injury compensation.

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