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Industrial Accidents Claims – What You Need to Know

The time following a workplace injury can be extremely stressful. Not only will you be coping with the immediate medical concerns, but there's also the questions of how much time you will need to spend away from work, how long it will take to recover fully, and whether the accident will have a ripple effect.

The easiest way to put your mind at rest is to call Winns as soon as possible. We will give you all the information that you need to know, taken from years of making industrial accidents claims on behalf of clients, and handle your industrial injuries compensation case from start to finish,

You can reach us on either the phone or by using Live Chat, but for now here is some of the information you need to know about seeking a settlement for a workplace injury.

What types of injuries are covered under industrial accident claims?

Workplace injury is a term that covers a whole range of incidents. These can include electric shocks, falls, manual lifting injuries, burns, machinery usage injuries, and even long-term decline in health, such as a loss of vision, sensation, motor control, or deafness. Taking place across a range of settings, including warehouses and factories, industrial accidents can lead to serious injury.

If you have suffered any type of injury or illness due to carrying out your duties at work, then you should speak to Winns today about making an industrial accident claim. Our team are available via phone or Live Chat.

Why make an industrial accident claim?

Industrial accident claims are an important step to take after an incident, not just to get you the compensation you need, but to also help prevent further accidents happening in the future.

As well as helping to ensure that the costs of your subsequent medical treatments are covered and that you are not detrimentally affected by time off work, a workplace injury claim will force your employers to review their processes. As a result, new safety equipment, training, and processes can be put into place that will stop the next potential accident before it happens.

Making a claim for industrial injuries compensation is also the best way to get any additional support you need, such as physiotherapy and other medical treatment.

If you are worried about possible repercussions, then you can rest easy. It is illegal for an employer to treat you differently, or fire you, as the result of making an industrial accident claim. If you suspect that they have, you are within your rights to take them to a tribunal.

To find out more, contact Winns today using Live Chat, or use our call back request form and a member of our first response team will contact you.

Testimonials – What our clients say

Winns has a five-star user satisfaction rating on Trustpilot, thanks to our tireless work in helping those seeking industrial injuries compensation to get the justice, and settlement, that they deserve. Below are a selection of the reviews that we have received recently:

Polite, honest, trustworthy, helpful and professional. The people at Winns provided me with an outstanding and impeccable service right from the start. I am glad to have chosen them and can't thank them enough.

Jacob Daniel

Without a doubt recommend this company and especially Matthew, he was always keeping me updated, talking me through what was happening three or four times until I understood. Very friendly staff, and excellent customer service. If I couldn’t get hold of anyone I always had a call back within five minutes. Thank you again for everything.

Courtney Evans

How do I report a workplace injury?

If you are going to make an industrial injuries compensation claim, then there are steps that you need to take to ensure your claim is successful.

Firstly, you must inform your employer that the incident took place as soon as possible. They should then note it in an accident log, but if they haven't then you can make a record yourself. You can find out more information on what to do if an accident log doesn't exist on the Citizens Advice website.

Recorded information regarding incidents and concerns can be vital to the success of a claim, as are eyewitness testimonies from co-workers, and expert opinions from any doctors who have examined you and your injuries.

Is there a time limit to claim for industrial injuries compensation?

If you wish to make any industrial accident claims in England and Wales, then you should be aware that yes, there is a window in which you need to start proceedings.

You must make your claim for industrial injuries compensation within three years of any accident, or, alternatively, within three years of discovering your injuries or resultant medical conditions.

If you do not launch a claim for your workplace injury settlement within those three years, then your claim may be classed as 'time-barred'. In this eventuality, your case will not be heard, and you will be ineligible for compensation.

If you are unsure if you can still make a claim, speak to a Winns advisor today.

My experience with Winn Solicitors has been outstanding. The level of customer service and efficiency to dealing with my claim has been amazing. Every single advisor I have been in contact with has provided a top service and represented the company in such a good way! Stephen first dealt with my claim and was so lovely and efficient at resolving it as quick as possible. He would keep me updated weekly by contacting me through email or phone. I did not have to do any chasing to find out what was going on. Overall my experience has been great with Winn solicitors, I wish other companies would take notice! Thanks!

Miss H. Thorpe

Workplace injury FAQs

Do I get paid if I get injured at work?

If you have suffered from a workplace injury, or as the result of a dangerous workplace, then you are entitled to pay during the time that you cannot work. If your employer offers an occupational sickness scheme then the amount of pay due to you during recuperation will be set out in your contract. If not, then you will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), which will give you £94.25 per week before tax for up to 28 weeks, so long as you miss four consecutive days at work.

How do I know if I’m eligible to claim for an industrial injury?

If you have been injured as the result of carrying out your duties at work, then you are entitled to claim for an industrial injury. It may be that inadequate training, materials, or procedures were in place to guarantee your safety and health at work, and in that case, your employer will have failed in their duty of care to you.

If you are still unsure about whether your claim is valid, speak to one of our advisors today.

How long does an accident at work claim take?

A Winns case handler will be able to give you a reasonable estimate for how long your claim will take once they know the facts of your case. There are several factors that can affect the length of time it takes for a claim to be settled, but generally speaking workplace injury claims usually take between six and nine months to be resolved.

Winn Solicitors have been exceptional with my case. The speed and clarity in which they have worked has been exceptional. The person I have been dealing with has made things simple and easy to understand.

Alan McAteer

Advice received was very well put forward, [Winns] made sure I understood everything and answered any questions I had with ease. Made the difficult phone call easy and helps give peace of mind with the situation I was dealing with.

Luke Simmons

If you want to make a claim for a workplace injury, speak to Winns today, either on the phone or by using Live Chat.