20 Nov 2015

Accident at Work Case Study

After an accident at work, Alex contacted Winn Solicitors, who assisted him in claiming £43,000 in compensation.

Our client Alex Shields was working as a car valet. The hose which his employer has provided him with in order to wash cars was damaged at the end. He was instructed by his employer to cut an inch off the top of the hose. His employer gave him a tiny Stanley blade to use to cut the hose, without any knife casing. The blade became stuck in the thick rubber of the hose, and as Alex pushed the blade further, it went straight through his left index finger.

Alex suffered a laceration to the extensor tendon in his left index finger, which required surgical repair. Due to the damage caused to his tendon, he will also require further surgical intervention to relieve some of the ongoing symptoms and the limit in his grip strength, as well as other functions of his hand. He did not return to work following the accident, and is currently seeking alternative employment.

Liability was admitted for Alex’s accident, and his claim was settled by negotiation in the sum of £43,000. This included compensation for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity, as well as past and future loss of earnings, and provision for care and assistance. It includes a sum towards the future cost of surgery.


Danielle and Jen were absolutely fantastic and the service Winns provided was brilliant in terms of client contact. I think they did a great job and I am very pleased with the outcome of my claim and the service overall.

Alex Shields

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