11 Mar 2019

Winns Help Claimant Following Chip Shop Accident

A claimant has received a four-figure sum following an accident while working at a chip shop.

During their shift, the claimant was required to use beef dripping in blocks rather than oil. The shape of the block was different from what they were used to and they had not received appropriate training. As they placed the block into the pan, it fell towards them causing the fat to splash into the claimant’s face.

As a result, they suffered hot fat scolding to the right side of the face and neck, consisting of superficial and partial thickness burns.

“It was like a wave on my face,” said the claimant, who was awarded compensation for personal injury after choosing Winn Solicitors to help with their case.

“My family met me at 3pm after my shift had finished and took me to hospital where I was blue lighted to the RVI. I thought I had lost my vision as it was blurry in one eye, but that was down to a blister.

"I did need counselling for the after-effects of the incident as I was afraid to use chip fat fryers again. In total, I was off work for 12-13 weeks. I was lucky though as it is only when it is really cold that you can see the blotches and I can’t be in direct sunlight.”

After going to Citizens Advice about a potential claim for unfair dismissal – the claimant was subsequently sacked from their role – the claimant got in touch with Winns.

“I got sacked from that job, so I went to Citizens Advice and put in a claim for unfair dismissal and it was suggested I could lodge a personal injury claim too. It took three and a half years, because the other side were contesting it, but I was pleased to have Winns on my side as I didn’t know where to start.

"There were times when I thought about just leaving it but they really helped.”

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