10 Mar 2022

Serious Injury Team Ensure Care After Life-Changing Accident

The Serious Injury Team at Winn Solicitors does so much more than recover compensation for clients following an accident that wasn’t their fault.

As part of a journey to a new normal, our expert legal team provides support and help with all aspects of the transition.

The future may seem daunting because of an accident resulting in life-changing injuries, but Winns is here for you every step of the way, as highlighted by a claim involving a vulnerable road user being struck by a car.

The impact of this was transformational, with the client’s need for extensive, specialist medical treatment and, ultimately, an amputation.

The client said: “I actually felt OK in myself in the days after the accident, but found a lot of things difficult to do, especially as I couldn’t put weight on my leg and couldn’t use my left arm or hand.

“My life has changed massively with now having a prosthetic leg.”

After being recommended by a friend, the client got in touch with the Serious Injury Team at Winn Solicitors to use the skill and experience of their legal advisors to support them during a claim for compensation which would shape an altered future.

Throughout their ordeal, our client has demonstrated immense strength of character, determination, and courage.

Senior Solicitor Claire Farrell

The need for more suitable accommodation, the purchase of bespoke prosthetic limbs, and ongoing therapies were all factored into our continued care for the client, who received a settlement for millions of pounds to provide some reassurance for a life permanently altered by the accident.

The client continued: “Winns helped by making sure I got accommodation that suited my needs and making sure I had a physio. I’d recommend Winns to anyone as I feel they actually listened and were a great help for me.”

Senior Solicitor Claire Farrell discussed the life-changing impact of the accident on her client and the support offered by the Serious Injury Team that went far beyond what may be expected.

She said: “Throughout their ordeal, our client has demonstrated immense strength of character, determination, and courage. 

“Despite this dreadful accident arising through no fault of their own as they rode home on their motorcycle, its impact has been life-changing for our client and their family.

“As specialist serious injury solicitors, we have been able to assist our client in accessing a bespoke package of specialist rehabilitation to facilitate the best possible opportunity of recovery; provided support in acquiring more suitable accommodation to meet their post-accident needs and in the purchase of bespoke Genium X3 prosthetic limbs.

“We have been able to negotiate a £2.75 million sum for our client.  This will allow them to access lifelong provision for prosthetics, bespoke equipment, medical treatments, and therapies, in addition to providing financial security for the client and their family.”

In addition to the compensation and the support in finding a more suitable home, the Serious Injury Team also successfully recovered the costs of the Great North Air Ambulance Service, allowing the charity to recoup the cost of the call-out and subsequent treatment.

By ensuring the charity received in excess of £4,000 for their life-saving efforts, they can continue to conduct their vital service for the benefit of people in the North East.

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