30 Mar 2021

Seven-figure Settlement for Amputee Client

The team at Winn Solicitors has helped thousands of clients over a number of years to gain the compensation they deserve following a non-fault accident.

The devastating impact of an accident that wasn’t your fault can be long-lasting, changing the future permanently in some instances.

When this is the case, the Serious Injury Team at Winns is on hand to help shape your future and support next steps after an accident, including in a recent case study which settled in favour of our client:

What happened?

The client was involved in a road traffic accident after being struck by another vehicle while joining a dual carriageway. This resulted in the barrier of the carriageway piercing the shell of the vehicle, and causing the need for amputation of  one leg.

David Burn, the solicitor in charge of his case, said; “It was a horrific accident where the client sustained an amputation and was provided nothing above and beyond the support of the NHS, which  was fantastic but limited due to resources available; the client had a basic NHS prosthetic and little in the way of rehabilitation support.”

How did Winns help?

The team at Winns, despite the other side denying liability, used the skills of a top accident reconstruction expert to ascertain that the allegations of the speed, and the distance involved in reaction times, could not have reasonably taken place in the way described.

Mr Burn, when discussing how Winns helped secure a better than expected outcome, said; “Because of the accident circumstances, the defendant denied it throughout. Four years down the line, after a hard-fought battle, we settled a week before trial.We had the benefit of using a QC barrister as well as our experience and knowledge of the injuries sustained and background to get a good, early understanding of what was necessary to win the case.”

What was the end result of the claim?

The client was able to shape their own future and adapt to a new normal without the financial pressures that accompany the aftermath of a serious accident.

Mr Burn concludes; “We won a hard-fought case that many firms wouldn’t have taken on in the first place because of the accident circumstances and the stance  taken by the defendants from the off.

What we have achieved, essentially, is stability and a good quality of life for the rest of the client’s life. They are now going to buy a bungalow which is more suitable for their future and they have the option to get a private prosthetic.

It is very pleasing from both a professional and personal perspective that I was able to help someone who has clearly suffered badly as the result of an accident  for which they were blamed by the defendant throughout the case.

As a result, they didn’t get the support they deserved, but now we have achieved such a fantastic result, they can move on with their life and have a happier future.”

Our dedicated legal team can provide the support and guidance you need to progress a claim for personal injury compensation following a non-fault accident, and allow you to focus on recovery and a return to the highest level of normality possible in the circumstances.

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