26 Nov 2019

82-Year Old Becomes the First Brit to Cycle One Million Miles

A veteran cyclist has become the first man in the UK to cycle one million miles.

Russ Mantle reached the epic milestone earlier this month as the culmination of 68 years' worth of effort.

The 82-year old, who lives in Aldershot in Hampshire has recorded the miles he's covered on two wheels for a staggering 68 years. In fact, he's owned the same bike since 1964.

Starting in 1951, Russ has reached an incredible yearly average of 147,000 miles. For perspective, one million miles is roughly equivalent to circumnavigating the world 40 times or travelling to the moon and back twice.

Russ celebrated his millionth mile cycling to the Canal Cafe at Mytchett. “One million - I feel the same as usual,” he said at the finish line.

"It's just another milestone, I went through 700,000, then 800,000 and so on, it's another milestone to pass a million to go on to 1.1, 1.2, and so on, I will probably finish up very close to two million by the time I die when I am 100."

Cycling UK chief executive Paul Tuohy adds: "Cycling a million miles is not only incredible, it's almost incomprehensible.

"Russ never set out to break any records, cycling is simply a part of his life. Russ is an inspiration and he shows us all what is possible."

The feat is even more impressive given the number of serious accidents Russ has suffered, as he admits that he has lost consciousness on a number of occasions due to his reluctance to wear a crash helmet, even in his old age.

Cycling one million miles is unquestionably an astonishing achievement, but if you want to follow Russ' example we would, of course, recommend that you buy a crash helmet first.

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