21 May 2015
  • audi unveil expensive bike

Audi unveil bike the price of a car

If you thought Audi were only known for their luxury cars, you’ll be surprised to know they’ve turned their expertise to road bikes.

The new ‘Audi Sport Racing Bike’, currently at the showroom in Shibuya, Tokyo, comes in at a whopping £12,600 and with only 50 available, the race is on to see who can get their hands on one.

The lightweight bike, with a frame made from carbon fibre, weighs an impressive 790g making it on a par with other popular frames in the same category. The weight of the total bike, complete with wheels and gears, is claimed to be 5.8kg, making it extremely light.

Created by Japan’s Toray Industries Inc, the bike is made with a carbon fibre known as T1000, which is reportedly the same as those used in Audi’s race cars.

The wheels are lightweight Meilensteins carbon clinchers, which cost £2,999 alone and offer fantastic acceleration.

Considering an Audi A1 can set you back just over £14k, will their impressive bike hit the mark with cycling fans and prompt them to part with their cash?

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