29 May 2015
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Bike-jackers plaguing London streets

Worrying figures have shown that ‘bike-jacking’ is on the rise in London.

According to the Metropolitan Police, gangs are mugging cyclists at nights on quiet routes and taking their bikes. 

The past 12 months alone saw 10 bicycles stolen in this manner each week, significantly more than in the last two years.

The rise in expensive bike frames is being partially blamed for the rising trend, with the sale of high-end bicycles seen as an easy way to make money.

One of the most repercussions of the rising crime rate is that cyclists are choosing to abandon quieter roads in favour of busier, more dangerous, roads.

Campaigners have criticised police for what they call a "poor response", but officers have asserted that they are trying to identify the most frequent danger spots.

Chief Inspector Mike West said: "We scan every day for crimes of note and if we pick up on any trends or analysis which would lead us to a hot spot area to deal with crime then that's what we'll do.

"We'll match our resources to where the problems are and you'll generally see a increased uniformed presence."

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