18 Jun 2012
  • Cyclist Injured at a Roundabout

Case Study: Cyclist Injured at a Roundabout

The third party driver disputed the whole of the claim on the basis that the cyclist had been in the wrong lane, as the claimant had gone round the roundabout in the left hand lane.

The third party driver had thought the cyclist was taking one of the exits, no hand gestures had been used by the cyclist to indicate whether or not he was taking the exit. It was alleged that the confusion the cyclist caused led to the accident.

In Court proceedings we highlighted some important sections of the Highway Code. Cyclists are vulnerable road users and are entitled to travel round a roundabout in the left hand lane.

The cyclist received a settlement of 70% of his claim following a settlement in respect of liability at 70/30 in his favour.

On conclusion of the case the Client wrote:
“In my line of work I often come across people who are professional or personable, but struggle to be both... however you combine these qualities to such a high level it is hard to imagine you not achieving the results for your Clients”

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