3 Sep 2015

Winns Supports Cycle to Work Day

As it's national Cycle to Work Day, we caught up with Winns Marketing Executive and avid cyclist Jeff Lyall, about his daily commute by bike.

How long does your commute take?

Only about three miles, so 20 minutes in a hurry, or half an hour at a more sedate pace.

Do you use the road, or cycle paths – or both?

Most of the route is along the Newcastle Quayside which is largely a cycle path, apart from a few short stretches on the road.

Why do you choose to cycle to work?

Even a short journey helps a surprising amount with general fitness - burning 400 calories a day in a half hour trip. It saves money too! Also, driving through the centre of Newcastle during rush hour is not something I imagine anyone relishes.

What is your favourite thing about commuting to work by bike?

Cycling along the River Tyne on a warm summer day is a lovely thing. It gives me the chance to catch up on some new music, get some quiet time, and is much more relaxing than driving.

What is the worst thing about commuting to work by bike?

When you wake up on a miserable November morning and hear the rain, knowing you have a tough and soggy journey ahead of you. Also, there's a pretty steep 200ft uphill section.

Have you ever had a hairy cycling moment?

Not really, just a couple of punctures which are incredibly annoying, but luckily nothing too hairy.

What safety precautions do take when cycling?

Wearing a helmet is paramount, and I'd love to someday get a GoPro or something similar, just in case I did ever have an accident.

What would you say to other people who are considering cycling to work?

Cycling to work is great for you - it saves money, and burns calories, whereas driving in costs money, and makes you lazy. That's before even considering the Tyne Bridge traffic at rush hour. You arrive at work feeling awake and refreshed, as opposed to stressed and usually annoyed at other drivers. On an average 10 mile trip to work, the petrol saving alone would be about £700 a year. Many companies like ours are now also signed up to the cycle to Work Scheme which makes it even more affordable.

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