6 Feb 2017

Cycling Trends – What’s Popular in 2017?

If you’re an avid cyclist, you may be wondering what trends you will be seeing on road bikes over the next year. Here’s a few ideas:

Carbon Frames

While carbon frames are already popular, particularly among more expensive models, you will see this trend gaining more and more popularity over the next 12 months, even in models that aren’t in the premium range.

This is due to the fact that lightweight bikes are becoming more and more popular. Fans of carbon bikes also suggest that they ride better than alternative frame types, offering flexibility when riding in different environments.

We will also see further development of the carbon frame, with even more lightweight versions becoming available, for example through the introduction of graphene bike frames.

Wider Tyres

Wider tyres are becoming increasingly popular on both mountain and road bikes. This is due to the fact that they can offer you a smoother ride. You’ll probably see bikes with a width of up to 47mm on offer on road bikes, a size which was previously only really associated with mountain bikes.

Wider tyres also means that they can be run at a lower pressure.

Disk Breaks

Yes, they are seen by some as controversial, but they are fast becoming commonplace on performance and endurance road bikes. The reason for this trend is the increased performance of disk brakes on stopping distance in adverse weather conditions.


We’re seeing suspension more and more on road bikes, as it offers improved traction during acceleration, improved steering, and has many more benefits, including comfort and support for the rider.

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