5 Jul 2015

Ford Unveils New Smart Bike

Car giant Ford has unveiled a new e-bike that could become the ultimate commuter vehicle.

Armed with a raft of smart features and a bespoke App, Ford’s folding MoDe:Flex bike feeds traffic and navigation information to the rider’s phone or smartwatch. Using the app, the rider will also be notified of upcoming potholes.

Most interestingly for those who cycle to work however is the ‘no sweat’ mode, which is aiming to make the commuter’s sweat-stained work shirts a thing of the past.

The no-sweat feature will detect an elevated heart-rate, and thus perspiration, and feed power to the pedals to aid the rider. The back and front of the frame are also detachable, allowing for easy storage within homes and offices.

Whilst the MoDe:Flex’s specifications have not been released, Ford’s previous electric bikes were capable of a top speed of 16mph.

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