4 Oct 2018

Latest Statistics Reveal Male Cyclists as Most at Risk

Male cyclists are most at risk from accidents after the latest figures released by the Department for Transport revealed a concrete pattern.

Of the 18,321 casualties recorded in 2017, 81% were suffered by men, a more than significant proportion of those affected. The data also goes on to detail the times when cyclists are more at risk, as well as where in the country they are more likely to be involved in an incident.

Predictably, rush-hour time slots accounted for 44% of these casualties, with the morning commute (7-9am) and the evening journey home (3-7pm) periods of the day when volume of traffic, both car and bike, is at its daily peak.

The statistics pointed to a trend in location, with 41% of the casualties recorded taking place in London and the South East of England.

In 2017, there were 170,993 casualties of all severities, which is a 6% drop in figures compared to 2016.

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