12 May 2015
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New HGV app aims to halt cycling deaths

It’s a well-known fact that cyclists are in danger when in a left hand turn, especially from lorries, but a new route-planning app may be the solution to this.

The app, developed by PIE Mapping, allows lorry drivers to find routes that have less left hand turns and takes that risk away from cyclists using the roads.

It uses navigation systems, which provide lorries with right hand optimised routes, including roundabouts, as HGV traffic is segregated from the cycle lanes.

Figures have revealed that half of all recorded cyclist deaths involve collisions with lorries and three quarters of those were left hand turn incidents.

Campaigns officer at the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) said: “The worry is, if the suggested routes are even ten per cent longer than the drivers’ regular routes, then the drivers may have little incentive to take them.”

Lloyd believes that upping cycling safety, including lorry-cycle issues, means the drivers need to get down to street level. This means they’d be able to easily see cyclists and pedestrians and reduce the amount of incidents involving these vulnerable road uers.

The Transport Systems Catapult, which is backing this pilot scheme, intends to invest £100m over the next ten years to support advances in road safety such as this.

Even though as basic level “we need to keep cyclists away from big lorries” said Lloyd, this seems like a step in the right direction to enable a higher level of safety for cyclists.

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