11 Jun 2015
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New Technology Could Soon Make London's Junctions Safer for Cyclists

Revolutionary new crossing systems are being tested along Cable Street on Cycle Superhighway 3 as part of Transport For London’s (TFL) Road Modernisation Plan, which will see £4bn spent on cycling infrastructure in the city over the next six years.

The new crossings use radar and thermal detection to estimates the number of cyclists travelling along the city’s busy cycling routes. Traffic lights in the area then assess how many are about to cross a junction, allocating more time for them to cross as safely as possible.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, said: “Once again, London leads the way as we host world-first trials of technology that has the potential to bring significant benefits to cyclists.

“With record numbers taking to two wheels we are doing everything we can to make our roads more inviting places to be.”

The new crossings are part of the SCOOT project which was launched in 2014 Originating as a ‘smart crossings’ system for adjustably timed pedestrian crossings, the technology has only recently now been adapted for cyclists, as their safety in the capital is becoming more of a concern.

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