3 Jun 2015
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Olympic cyclist slams liability laws

A top Olympic cyclist has called for motorists to be held automatically accountable for collisions involving more vulnerable road users.

Chris Boardman, who won cycling gold at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, made the comments whilst discussing the state of cycling in the nation’s capital.

The former Tour de France yellow jersey wearer has called for cycling to be treated as a viable transport option and not a trend, citing better enforcement and legal protection as being important steps.

Speaking about the dangers cyclists and pedestrians face, Boardman said; “The fact is, if you want to kill someone, do it in a car; it’s the way to get the least punishment.

“We should have strict liability in the UK so that if you are in a vehicle you’re held responsible - as much to protect pedestrians as cyclists.”

Boardman was also keen to emphasise that too many cyclists also willingly break laws without fear of adequate legal ramifications.

There was a positive note however, as Boardman praised the city of London’s dedication to cycling, especially in the building of new flagship cycling superhighways.



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