12 Aug 2015

Top Ten Safety Tips for Cyclists

August is National Road Victim Month, so here’s some top tips to help you stay safe when cycling on the roads.

Always wear a helmet

Whilst wearing a helmet is not compulsory by UK law, the extra protection can prove vital in the event of an accident.  

Make sure you have working lights on the front and back of your bike

Whilst wearing a helmet isn’t compulsory, having lights on your bike when cycling at night is required by law. Not only will it help you to see where you’re going, it will also ensure that other road users can see you. Lights can be crucial in avoiding an accident.

Ensure that your bike is regularly serviced

Prevent the possibility of your bike malfunctioning on the roads by booking it in for regular services at your local bike shop.

Wear florescent clothing

Give other road users the best possible chance of seeing you. Wear bright, reflective clothing, especially when cycling at night.

Carry your mobile phone – and make sure it’s charged!

In the event of an accident, you may need to contact the police, as well as friends and family. Your phone can also be handy to take photos of the scene of the accident, and record vital information about the other parties’ involved.

Know your road signals – and use them!

Making your actions clear to other road users is very important. If you’re turning left or right, let others know by signalling clearly, and in plenty of time.

Be vigilant – keep your eyes peeled for hazards

From other cars, to pot holes in the road, there are plenty of things to look out for! Plan ahead for anything that might cause you to change direction or speed.

Always carry a repair kit

If you have a problem with your bike whilst you’re on the road, a repair kit can be very useful. If you can’t fix the issue, do not continue your journey by bike – it could be dangerous and result in an accident.

Watch out for pedestrians!

It’s difficult to predict pedestrians’ movements, so be sure to give them plenty of room, and slow down or stop when passing them on any narrow routes.

Take your iPod out!

While it’s tempting to listen to music while cycling – don’t do it! Being able to hear traffic is very important when you’re on the roads.

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