14 Sep 2017

Your Guide to Cycling to Work

Earlier this week, it was Cycle to Work Day, so here’s some tips to help you get to grips with commuting by bike.

Check your route

Before heading off to work on your bike for the first time, be sure to map out the route before you go. Take a look at alternative options too, to suss out which one has the most cycle-friendly route. There are lots of easy to use cycle route planners available online.

Check out parking

Another key thing to do before cycling to work for the first time is to check on the parking situation at your place of work. Is there secure bike parking? And if not, is there somewhere suitable to lock your bike up?

Wear appropriate attire

Flashy cycling gear is not necessary – however, make sure you have light, bright clothing on for those dark mornings and nights, and ensure you aren’t wearing trousers or a skirt that will flap around and could get caught while you’re cycling. A helmet is also a very important piece of kit – it’s worth investing in a decent one that will protect you in the event of an accident.

Don’t rush

You might see other cyclists rushing past, but don’t feel that you need to match their pace. Riding on the roads can be intimidating at first, but take your time while you are getting used to your route and various hazards you might encounter on the way.

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