13 Jan 2023
  • A supermarket car park is one of the potential settings for a public liability claim

How Does a Public Liability Claim Work?

Winn Solicitors specialises in the pursuit of public liability claim compensation on behalf of their clients.

They’ve been doing it for decades and have countless happy clients who have received the personal injury compensation they deserve following a non-fault accident.

But there will still be people who don’t know they can make a claim after being injured on public property.

What is a public liability claim? 

This is a type of personal injury compensation claim that results when an accident occurs on public property and the incident wasn’t caused by the person injured.

It could be tripping on the pavement and falling, perhaps a slip in a shop or supermarket, whatever the scenario, you could be eligible based on the possibility that a breach of duty of care has resulted in injury. If this injury keeps you off work and requires treatment and a period of recuperation, you may be able to claim.

What do I do if I’m involved in a PL accident?

If you have suffered injury after an accident on public property and you believe it wasn’t your fault, contact the legal experts at Winns. They’ve handled hundreds of courses spanning two decades and have in-depth knowledge of the legal landscape of public liability claims.

A no-obligation call provides the opportunity for an assessment of your circumstances and allows our teams to ascertain the likelihood of a successful outcome should you wish to make a claim.

What records should I make after the accident?

It is important to record as many details as possible. This can be done in many different formats, but will all be useful evidence if relevant to how the accident unfolded:

  • Take photographs of where the accident took place if possible
  • Write down a detailed description of how the incident unfolded and what you believe was to blame
  • Draw a diagram of the setting
  • Make note of the conditions at the time in the setting – slip, trip and fall hazards, lighting etc

The more evidence you record the stronger your claim will be so it is important to remember and register as much information from the outset as possible.

What happens after I’ve registered my claim?

Once you’ve instructed a legal team to conduct your claim, all relevant information and evidence will be gathered to create your case and your argument as to why you believe the owner of the site where the accident happened is at fault for your injuries.

During this time, your legal representatives will organise relevant treatment to help with your injuries.

Then a period of negotiation will take place between your legal team and the third-party insurers as to how much should be given to you in compensation.

The final part of the process will see you, if successful, given the agreed personal injury compensation.

Why choose Winns?

Once you instruct the team at Winns to act on your behalf, we’ll do all the legal legwork to progress your claim through the relevant legal processes.

From arranging medical treatment to negotiating personal injury compensation with the third-party insurer, our team takes care of everything so you can focus on what’s important; recovery from your injuries and adjusting to a future potentially altered by your injury.

Working on a no win no fee basis, you won’t pay anything for us to conduct your claim, providing you are honest and cooperate throughout the duration of the claim and we’ll only take a fixed percentage of the personal injury compensation awarded, regardless of the complexity of the claim and the time it takes to reach a resolution.

Our team stands with you every step of the way and will fight your corner until the end of the claim. Most of the time, it doesn’t require a court case but if it does, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Public Liability FAQ

Can I get public liability?

Any company, whatever its size, can get public liability. From self-employed individuals, freelancers, and sole traders, to larger companies with offices and large workplaces, any of them can get public liability cover.

Do you legally need public liability?

Although public liability cover isn't mandatory by law, the benefits of having it if an accident takes place that you may be liable for are tangible. It means you, as a company, don't need to worry about large compensation pay-outs as the policy will provide provision for that.

What does a public liability claim mean?

This is a legal claim which arises when someone is injured on a site that a company or organisation is responsible for. If the person injured has met harm through no fault of their own, and in fact because of the negligence in some way shape or form of the company, then they may be eligible to seek compensation to help with the recovery from those injuries, or when adjusting to a future altered by said injuries. There are other expenses that can be claimed for but it is best to discuss these with a member of our team.

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