22 Jul 2021

Contested Wills on the Rise

An increasing number of contested wills could leave people in the emotionally-draining situation of in-family fighting and dispute at a time when they need it least.

That is the view of Winn Solicitors’ Head of Wills, Probate and Trusts Rebecca Harbron-Gray, who has noticed more of these situations happening in recent times.

“The more complex people’s lives become, and the more diverse families are becoming, the more expectations there are on people to leave benefit to others,” she said.

“It’s a much harder balance to achieve for clients with larger families, perhaps from more than one relationship.”

With these added complications to work out, it can lead to a more complex process with the need for solicitor intervention essential to smooth matters and guide a grieving family through tricky legal waters.

“To avoid future conflict, the best thing for people to do is start that ‘conversation’ in their lifetime,” Rebecca continued.

“That’s where we (Winn Solicitors) can help too. It’s often a conversation with a solicitor that can provide solutions.

“To avoid future conflict, please don’t put these conversations off, as they get worse in time and can be avoided with the right planning.”

If you don’t have a will in place, or if you are considering creating one, contact Winn Solicitors now, or email us, to discuss your circumstances and how we can help to provide that reassurance when the time comes.

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