16 Aug 2021

Over Half of UK Adults Don’t Have a Will

Over half the adult population of the UK don’t have a Will, a vital part of anyone’s future planning.

Research by Royal London found nearly 60% of parents didn’t have a valid will, that is either none at all or one that is out of date.

With 54% of people having no Will, the need to have one is often felt when it is too late, with beneficiaries left to navigate uncertain waters while grieving the loss of a loved one.

There is never a better time than now to consider an important part of future planning and getting your affairs in order for when the time comes.

If you’re asking yourself if you need a Will, the answer is yes.

Why should you get a Will?

Everyone’s situation and circumstances are different. But no-one should leave their potential future estate in uncertainty. By creating a Will you can specify your exact wishes and provide for the people you choose after your passing.

It will save your family and loved ones a huge element of stress during the toughest of times when they will, naturally, be grieving. It can provide for your children and will allow you to specifically appoint a Guardian should they be orphaned.

You can also put money aside for your children for specific reasons – a first car, deposit for a house etc – and make sure your family and loved ones are taken care should the worst happen.

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