15 Jul 2021
  • Effect of Whiplash Reforms on your personal injury claim

Will the Whiplash Reforms Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

The rules and legal processes have changed around making a personal injury claim for compensation following a non-fault accident.

Commonly referred to as the whiplash reforms, Government legislation took effect from 31st May 2021 and has altered the amount of compensation you could be eligible to claim. The reforms saw the introduction of a new tariff system that restricts amounts you could be paid by the at-fault person’s insurer for any whiplash related injuries, based on the length of time you are injured for.

If the predicted value of your injury claim is below £5,000, you must submit your claim through a recently created Official Injury Claim portal, with the option to use legal support to help you navigate the complicated process.

Despite this, there is some good news if you are someone seeking to make a whiplash compensation claim, or who has suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault resulting in injury and or/financial loss.

If the accident itself took place before 31st May 2021, you are eligible to make a claim under the previous system, and you can allow a legal specialist to manage your claim and fight your corner from start to finish. This applies if you haven’t started your claim yet, but the accident took place before the deadline, and if your claim is ongoing and was started before the end of May.

How can Winns help you?

Regardless of whether your accident took place before or after 31st May, the team at Winns can help navigate you through the claims process following a non-fault accident.

If your claim falls under the new rules and needs to be channeled through the claims portal then we have a dedicated team who will guide you, provide the necessary advice and expertise to help you submit your claim successfully.

If your claim falls outside of the new rules (i.e. it is for an accident that occurred before 31st May, your injuries are valued at over £5,000, or you are considered to be a vulnerable road user*), contact our team through our 24/7 claim line, request a callback on our website or start a Live Chat, and discuss your circumstances with a team boasting extensive experience, all the resources required to cover every aspect of your claim and a dedication to get a successful outcome for our clients.

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*Vulnerable road users are considered to be anyone who was not inside of a motor vehicle at the time of the accident, for example, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists. Any minors under the age of 18 at the time of the accident are also exempt from using the new claims portal.

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