25 Sep 2023
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Boating Accident: What Should you do in the Aftermath?

What is the first thing to do after a boating accident? Depending on how it has affected you, there are vitally important actions to take.

It can be a hugely unsettling time, with those affected in a state of shock. But instincts will inevitably take over.

Would you know what to do after a boating accident? Would you know how to make a boating accident claim?

Assess the situation

In the immediate aftermath of the boating accident, those involved, if they can, should seek to assess the situation and identify if there’s a threat to life. Look for a safe space to reach or find a life belt or life jacket to keep you afloat. Alternatively, grab onto anything that is floating to support you if you’re in the water.

Make sure everyone is safe

If you were travelling with other people, make sure everyone is safe and check they’re ok; do they have any injuries? Are they able to reach a point of safety? By checking in with everyone around you, their responses influence the next steps of reaching safety.

Call the police after a boating accident

As soon as possible, make the emergency services aware of the accident so the relevant help and support can be provided.

Document the accident

When safe to do so, consider what evidence might be helpful when seeking to prove liability for the accident.

If possible and appropriate, take photos of the scene, of anything that may have caused the accident (faulty equipment for example), and of the environment in which it happened. Was the weather particularly poor? Did the boat strike something that should have been avoided with due care and attention?

Get the contact details of potential witnesses and write down an account, from your perspective, of what happened in the lead up to the accident. The more evidence you gather, the better your chances of a successful claim.

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