2 Oct 2023
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Common mistakes to avoid when filing a boat accident claim

What are the common mistakes not to make when filing a boat accident claim? From not reporting the accident to not documenting it, there are some common themes.

The outcome of your claim will be impacted by mistakes made along the way so, to give yourself the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve after a non-fault accident, avoid them by reading this blog.

Common mistakes when filing a boat accident claim

For most, claiming boating accident compensation is not something they will have done before.

Thinking of recovery and recuperation, or processing a future altered by injury, is a focus on its own. But if you are seeking compensation for the accident, it’s important to avoid some of the common pitfalls, including not reporting the accident.

The accident itself should be reported to the emergency services immediately so it is logged, creating a file of evidence that will be collated by the police if required. It is also important as this step can get you the immediate care needed as quickly as possible.

Not seeking medical attention is also a common mistake. By simply putting up with the pain and hoping it gets better by itself doesn’t solve the problem or place on record the injuries sustained in the accident. Get relevant medical help and assistance so there is a tangible record of treatment received and a medical opinion on the injuries caused as a direct result of the accident.

Although it is possible to conduct a claim independently, using legal specialists in the field of personal injury gives your case the best possible chance of success. Not using a specialist company can lead to things being missed, not following the process properly, and the possibility of your claim being adversely affected, or even failed, as a result of inexperience and not knowing the legal landscape that surrounds a claim for personal injury compensation. Not to mention the additional stress and hassle that goes with it. It’s best to rely on the skills and expertise of a company like Winns.

Failure to document the accident is also something that could impact your claim’s prospects. When fresh in your mind, you should create an account of what happened, from your perspective, including information around what you believe caused the accident, what the conditions were like on the day etc.

You may forget certain elements if you do this after a period of time, so the sooner this is done the better.

Why choose Winns for a boating accident claim? 

A market leader in personal injury claims, we offer a top-level service that takes a holistic approach to accident management. Handling the legal side of claims, our teams will facilitate that and co-ordinate relevant medical treatment to help you get back to a degree of normality as soon as possible.

Our no win, no fee service means you don’t pay a penny in upfront costs, and we only receive a set percentage – agreed by you from the outset – for our services if the claim is successful.

No initial costs, no surprise fees, and no spiralling fees if your claim is more complex that initially thought.

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