27 Jan 2022

Common Winter Injuries to be Wary of

Winter is a unique time of year that sees temperatures plunge, snow fall and ice form on the ground.

Something we will all be used to, the Winter months present potential hazards which can cause injury if the proper precautions aren’t taken. But there are many simple methods that can be used to steer clear of Winter injuries, with a careful approach essential.

When the weather turns

With temperatures usually hovering above or below freezing for extended periods of time, surfaces often freeze and make moving around hazardous, with an increase in the probability of slips and falls, resulting in common injuries such as broken bones, sprains and bruising.

Be vigilant when the weather has been wet and temperatures low as the combination will lead to widespread frost and icy conditions, with the potential for black ice that often doesn’t get noticed until it’s too late.

Dark nights for longer

With the sun setting earlier in the day, the result is darker evenings. If you’re a cyclist in these conditions, it is imperative, as it is in normal circumstances, to wear bright clothing to ensure drivers can see you and alter their actions to accommodate you on the road.

Cyclists are already classified as vulnerable road users, making the risk of serious, life-changing injuries more prevalent. Add in ice on the road and tricky riding conditions, and it becomes a riskier journey.

If you’re a driver, it is advised that you check key parts of your vehicle before making a journey; tyre condition, brakes, lights and windscreen visibility are all important features to the driving experience. Make sure, in particular during Winter, that your windscreen is completely clear of ice and snow, not fogged up and allowing good visibility.

By only partially clearing a windscreen, you can increase the possibility of an accident on the road in already tricky driving conditions.

For drivers in Winter, the range of possible injuries, should an accident occur, can range from minor bumps, sprains and muscular issues, through to catastrophic injuries, depending on the nature of the accident. More difficult road conditions for drivers can increase the risk of pedestrians being involved in an accident too, if they are hit by an out of control vehicle.

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