9 Mar 2020
  • Non-Fault Cyclist and Pedestrian Claims

Cyclist Left To Shoulder Cost From Collision With Pedestrian

A cyclist is counting the cost of not making a claim following a collision with a pedestrian in central London.

Robert Hazeldean is facing a £60,000 court bill, despite the judge ruling that both parties were ‘equally to blame’ after he, riding his bike, hit pedestrian Gemma Brushett as she stepped out while looking at her mobile phone despite a green light allowing traffic to flow. The collision left both unconscious during rush hour on a busy junction near London Bridge.

The issue for Mr Hazeldean was that he didn’t put a counter-claim in at the beginning of proceedings as, according to the Guardian, he

was reluctant to do so because he disliked the ‘claim culture',

with the story quoting him as saying;

Had I had legal representation at the time of preparing my defence, I would have taken those steps to protect myself."

The case raises the issue of the vulnerability of cyclists as road users and the confusion around whether a cyclist can make a claim, should they be involved in an accident. As Mr Hazeldean was uninsured, as well as not making a counter-claim, he was left open to huge court costs which could have left him bankrupt.

But, as he admits, if he had taken legal advice from the outset, he would have boosted his chances of recovering his own legal costs.

If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident on the roads with an insured vehicle which wasn’t your fault, call Winn Solicitors now to start your claim.


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