11 Aug 2021

Hurt While Exercising? Be Wary of Potential Accidents

Exercise is an important part of everyone’s weekly routine; it is good for your physical health and also your mental wellbeing but what happens if you’re hurt while exercising?

The potential for injury and being hurt while exercising rises when taking part in physical activity, and means an increased vigilance is required.

Cycling accidents

Cycling is a great hobby, mixing exercise with the great outdoors and getting out and about. But when using the road, cyclists are classed as vulnerable road users because of their lack of protection in comparison to what may potentially strike them; a car, truck or other motorised vehicle.

If an accident like this takes place at high speed, the injuries can be catastrophic, ranging from bumps and scrapes through to life-changing injuries and death.

The vehicles around a cyclist are not the only potential cause of accidents. The road condition is also a factor to consider, with potholes, uneven surfaces and debris all disrupting the flow of the cyclist, which could result in them falling off.

Then there’s the weather conditions to consider as the grip of the tyres can be affected by surface water, ice, and snow.

The best ways to counter these considerations is to wear protective equipment – helmets are essential – and high viz clothing so motorists can spot you easily. Always check the weather forecast before setting off so a decision can be made about whether a trip out is worth it. 

Gym accidents

Millions of people go to the gym on a regular basis, as part of a weekly routine. With fast-moving equipment, heavy lifting involved and free-standing weights, the potential for accidents is greater than most settings.

Gym-goers should have had an induction from trained staff to show them how to use equipment correctly, and there will be stringent health and safety policies in place to mitigate the possibility of accidents.

Be alert to any objects on the floor, such as weights, or wet surfaces, which can lead to slips, trips or falls and make sure you are confident in how to use gym equipment in the right way so as to avoid muscle pulls and sprains. 

Running incidents

A high-impact exercise like running is great for a healthier lifestyle, and also boosts mental health by being outdoors.

However, it is important to be wary of uneven surfaces, potholes and other cracks in the pavement which could cause you trip and injure yourself.

If you’re road running, keep your music volume to a reasonable level so external noise is able to get through and alert you to any dangers associated with over-taking traffic. 

What if you do have an accident?

You may have had an accident while exercising which leads to you suffering injury; in this respect, there’s a fair chance it could be because of someone else’s negligence. That means you may be eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

If this sounds like a situation you have been involved in or you aren’t sure what to do following an accident while exercising, contact the team at Winns 24 hours a day for a no obligation chat about your circumstances.

We’ll establish the likelihood of your potential claim ending successfully and put the wheels in motion from that initial call, should you decide to proceed with Winns. 

Why contact Winn Solicitors?

At Winns, we provide a complete accident management service, progressing your legal claim through our dedicated, experienced team of expert advisors as well as arranging any medical treatment you should require.

Working on a no win no fee basis, meaning you pay nothing in upfront costs and nothing if your claim isn’t successful, you can rely on a hard working and diligent team and only pay for our services by a deduction from your personal injury compensation; that percentage is stated clearly at the start so you are aware of what lies ahead and can feel reassured we will take care of everything for you.


For more information about accidents that took place in the public domain, click here. But if you are considering making a claim, call our team on our 24-hour claim line or request a callback, or start a Live Chat, on our website today.

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