22 Sep 2015

It's World Car Free Day!

Today is World Car Free Day, a global initiative which encourages road users to give up their cars for a day. The aim is to promote the use of public transport, as well as cycling and walking, and in the longer term, encourage people to move away from using the car everyday.

Car Free Day has seen great success in a number of major cities, including Bangkok, Brussels, Jakarta and Tel Aviv, where roads have been closed due to cars to encourage more people to find other ways to get to work.

While Car Free Day is yet to gain this level of support in Newcastle, Winn Solicitors encourages staff to think about alternative ways of getting to work. This effort doesn’t just extend to Car Free Day, but all year round.

The firm offer a range of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of commuting by car. A cycle to work scheme has been put in place through Bike 2 Work Scheme Ltd, which allows staff to purchase a brand new bike, and accessories tax free, through a straightforward salary sacrifice system.

Winns also operate a car share scheme for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and petrol costs, by sharing with other staff who are travelling from the same area.

Many Winns staff are already committed to leaving the car at home:

“I walk to work – it’s quicker than getting the bus or metro – and you don’t get stuck in traffic!” Sophie Cresswell, Copywriter 

“I often take the metro – it’s quick and you can read the  news  or a book on your way to work. It also stops right outside the office.” Janet McCrindle, PA to the Director

“I usually cycle to the office. It keeps me fit, and it’s free!” Jeff Lyall, Marketing Executive

Winn Solicitors' HR Officer Colette Adair said: “Many of our staff already travel to work each day without using a car – but we are always keen to encourage more people to find alternative ways of commuting. As well as reducing our impact on the environment, walking and cycling to work are excellent ways to keep fit.”

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