29 May 2015
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Britain's most dangerous pedestrian crossings revealed

Manchester has been revealed to have some of the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in Britain.

England’s second city has seen 732 traffic accidents involving pedestrians at junctions and crossings between 2005 and 2013.

According to data from the Department for Transport, 11 pedestrians were injured crossing the road 2005 and 2013 whilst three were injured seriously, the joint 10th highest number of injured pedestrians for any crossing in Britain during this period.

In contrast, nearby areas such as Bolton and Oldham saw 258 and 192 incidents respectively, whilst the total figure across the whole of Britain for 2013 was 5,716.

In total, 83 of those involved in a collision died whilst 1,260 were left seriously injured.

Nationally there has been a decrease over recent years, as there were 5,830 pedestrians injured in 2012 and 6,699 in 2005.

Nottingham was revealed to be home to the deadliest pedestrian crossing point in the UK, after eight people died at the junction between Canal and Carrington Street since 2005.

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