10 Jun 2015
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Newcastle Launches Pedestrian Initiative

Newcastle is leading the way in the battle against pedestrian accidents with the launch of a new campaign.

Launched in conjunction between Newcastle County Council and Northumbria Police, the city’s ‘#distracted’ campaign is aiming to persuade younger pedestrians to tear their eyes away from smartphones and media devices when crossing the road.

The scheme is hoping to lower pedestrian accidents in the city, especially amongst the 18-22 age range, with posters and a social media campaign.

There were 368 pedestrians injured crossing the roads in Newcastle between 2009 and 2013, with 18-22 year olds accounting for a third of those.

Speaking about the campaign, Councilor Nick Kemp said: “The rising number of accidents in the city centre is a real concern to us.

“We started this campaign with Northumbria Police to highlight how a small change in your behaviour, such as looking before crossing the road, can make a real difference to your safety.”

Temporary deputy chief constable Winton Keenen added: “We want to do all we can to prevent future incidents and are urging pedestrians to take care and pay full attention when crossing the roads.

“Is looking at your phone or listening to music really worth risking your life over?”

The #distracted campaign is part of Newcastle’s wider five-year transport plan. Also on the agenda are improvements to the transport infrastructure that will make the streets more cyclist-friendly and improve the standard of public transport.

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