17 Jun 2015
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Parents Concerned Over Walk to School

Four out of ten parents are reluctant to allow their children to walk or cycle between home and school.

A recent study by Brake has revealed that there are concerns over road safety, with 40% of the parents questioned explainiing that they are worried about the lack of safe crossings available, particularly on busy roads.

The survey found that more than half of these parents would be prepared to let their children make their own way to school if tighter safety measures were introduced. Meanwhile Julie Townsend, Brake's deputy chief executive, said it was a national scandal that speeding traffic stopped children from spending more time outside.

She said: "Recent reports have provided a stark warning about the potential consequences of the UK slipping further into a spiral of physical inactivity. The impacts will be felt hardest by our children, who could face a lifetime of poor health and have to pick up the bill for rising healthcare costs. This crisis can be averted, but we need urgent action.

"We need drivers, including parents, to stick to 20mph or less in communities to protect kids. We also continue to campaign for government to make 20mph the national urban default and provided sustained funding for safe walking and cycling infrastructure. Safe active travel should be the norm for all our kids, not a luxury"

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