3 Aug 2020

How to Stay Safe as Bars and Restaurants Reopen

July 4th was a landmark day in the phased reopening of society following the Covid-19 lockdown.

The country had been placed under severe social restrictions since March 23rd as the coronavirus global pandemic reached the UK and spread rapidly among the population.

In an effort to curb transmission of the virus, the government banned all non-essential trips, closed a huge percentage of businesses and prevented people from socialising with all but those inside their household; key workers were the only ones allowed to go to work.

As the months wore on, the virus transmission lessened and those social restrictions eased to the point where, on July 4th, those social-hotspot businesses were allowed to reopen their doors, including bars and restaurants.

But far from returning to normal, there are notable changes you will notice if you venture to one of these establishments, all designed to encourage social distancing and good hygiene.

What changes should I see when visiting a bar or restaurant?

The reopening of these venues is conditional, based on a number of changes being instigated to accommodate social distancing: 


  • Spacing will be increased between tables, with the potential for screen partitions
  • No cutlery will be on the table; it will be brought to you with your food
  • No condiments; these must be requested.


  • Table service and use of ordering apps will be evident to restrict congregating at the bar
  • Contactless payments will be encouraged
  • Any queueing system will be clearly indicated, with social distancing gaps in place
  • The creation of screens at payment stations.

At both types of venue, there will be:

  • Tape on the floor to indicate where to queue/wait for service
  • Requests to remain at your table wherever possible
  • Indoor gatherings of no more than two household bubbles, while outdoor gatherings should have no more than six people from any number of households.
  • Clear signage promoting social distancing and good hygiene
  • Increased opportunities to use hand sanitiser
  • One-way systems may also be in place.

What types of accidents can occur in public places?

There are many types of accident which can occur in public places, such as bars and restaurants, but the most common are slips, trips and falls.

 If the accident wasn’t your fault, for example if you were to slip on a wet floor which had no signage to warn you, then you may be eligible to make a claim – circumstances vary from claim to claim and would need to be discussed with one of our expert advisors - against the company who are operating their business from the place where you had been injured.

If you believe you’ve had an accident in the last three years that wasn’t your fault in a bar or restaurant, call Winn Solicitors now and our expert advisors will be on hand to guide you through the claims process and answer any questions you may have in relation to your accident circumstances.

Why should I choose Winns to handle my claim?

Winns has extensive experience when dealing with non-fault accidents in public places. Our team is knowledgeable and determined to build the strongest possible case to help recover the compensation you could be entitled to.

With access to a range of medical service providers, we can cover all aspects of your claim and get you the treatment you need.

Our team will make all the required arrangements, so you can focus on the important things; recovery and getting back to your normal routines as quickly as possible.

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