18 Sep 2015

The School Run: Walking to School Safely

Doing the school run by car can be stressful – 1 in 3 people report feeling annoyed after being stuck in bad traffic at this time of day. Why not do the school run on foot? We’ve come up with some tips to help you keep your children safe on the walk to school.

Be visible

As winter draws in and the days get shorter, drivers’ visibility is compromised. Ensure that children wear bright coloured or reflective clothes, and carry torches or lights in areas where there are no streetlights.

Stick together

Ensure that you keep your children close by – or if they are walking to school independently, stress the importance of walking in a group with others.

Use pedestrian crossings

It may be tempting to cross the road at a convenient place to save time, however, before and after school, the roads are busy with cars. People are generally in a hurry at these times of day, and driving can be erratic as a consequence. Stick to marked pedestrian crossings to be on the safe side.

Beware of parked cars

Make sure that your children take care when walking between parked vehicles, which could pull away at any moment.

Stay on the pavement

Especially when walking in a group, it can be easy for children to get distracted and stray off the path when busy chatting to friends or parents. Emphasise the importance of sticking to paths.

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