10 Feb 2020

3D Crossing: Is This the Future For British Roads?

The time of the 3D crossing may be about to arrive, following trials in the UK.

If you’ve never heard of the new speed reducing method, then you will certainly not be alone. But here is a view on what it is, how it could help and if it is viable when it comes to reducing the speed of traffic in congested areas: 

What is it?

The 3D zebra crossing is a design created on the tarmac which creates the illusion of shapes which are raised from the ground. Suggesting a bump in the road of sorts, it deceives the motorist into thinking they are going to go over an obstacle. 

How could it help?

The optical illusion forces drivers to reduce speed so they don’t ‘damage’ their vehicle, when in fact there is no obstacle there and is merely another piece of flat road. Slowing drivers down reduces the likelihood of accidents and also lessens the potential for a fatal impact as the speed involved is reduced.

What’s the future?

This is one of a number of options for the future, with a potentially more expensive choice being the ‘crossing of the future’. This is an interactive, LED heavy crossing which reacts to the situation, including approaching pedestrians and those who run on to the road suddenly. A video is available by viewing this BBC news article.





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