21 Dec 2023
  • Traffic at a roundabout at night

Amber Warning for Traffic as the Great Festive Getaway Begins

Saturday, December 23rd 2023. Mark it on the calendar as a day to avoid long journeys.

According to the AA, this is the day that will see approximately 16.4 million journeys across the United Kingdom, leading to long traffic jams at usual traffic hotspots and frustration for many drivers.

This date has been earmarked as the start of the festive getaway as families travel to stay with relatives and people get to their destinations ahead of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day events.

An amber warning for traffic has been issued for Saturday and Friday, the 22nd when there are expected to be 16.1 million journeys across the UK.

A survey found more than a fifth (23%) of drivers will use their vehicle for Christmas shopping on the 23rd. This rises to 30% of those who answered the survey intending to use their car to head to the shops on Christmas Eve for a last-minute dash for final bits and bobs ahead of the big day.

On the flip side of this, New Year’s Day is set to be one of the quietest days on the road of the year as motorists avoid driving after New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Tuesday, 2nd January will then see the predictable rise in commuter traffic as the workforce returns after the Bank Holiday, marking the end of the festive period.

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