15 Oct 2019

How to Avoid Road Rage

Road rage is becoming an increasingly common occurrence on Britain’s roads, as highlighted by the latest high-profile incident.

Matt Linnen, a contestant on talent show The X-Factor, was charged at court with dangerous driving after an incident resulted in his car being hit by another driver before both left the road. Although no-one was hurt, it demonstrated the volatility of behaviour when drivers get behind the wheel.

 A study conducted by the HPI, and quoted by the Sun, has stated that almost a quarter of motorists have followed another car after a bout of road rage, with a quarter of those taking part in the study saying they had jumped out of their car to abuse another motorist.

 A poll of 18,000 AA members found that these annoying habits irritated them most:

 Tailgating (26%)

Talking on a mobile (25%)

Middle lane hogging (23%)

Swooping (moving across multiple lanes to make a motorway exit at the last second) (10%)

Overtaking on the inside (7%)

Driving slowly (3%), speeding (3%), littering (3%)

 So how can you alleviate road rage and avoid a potentially fatal confrontation? The RAC offers these four key pieces of advice:

1.       Give yourself time on your journey so you don’t feel stressed or pressured by time constraints.

2.       Plan your route so there is less chance of you getting lost in unfamiliar areas, thus increasing stress and frustration levels.

3.       Be understanding when those around you make mistakes.

4.       Let things go as you don’t know how other drivers might react.

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