6 Aug 2020

Bicycle Prescriptions on the Horizon

Bicycles will be prescribed on the NHS to encourage people to improve their fitness and boost the cycling population.

As COVID-19 highlights the poor health of some in the country, the Government will now invest £2bn in an infrastructure scheme which will see thousands of miles of new protected bike lanes, altering road layouts to become more cycle-friendly and consulting on changing the Highway Code to contain more advice and rules for pedestrians, cyclists, riders and drivers.

A £50 bike repair voucher is also available to all. Recent data from the Department for Transport highlights, on one day in May, a 387% rise in cyclists on the road in England compared with the percentage of the equivalent day in the first week of March.

“During this crisis, millions of people have discovered cycling – whether for exercise or as a means of safe, socially-distanced transport,” said Transport Secretary Grant Schapps.

“We need those people to stay on their bikes and be joined by many more.”

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