18 Jan 2022

AA Calls for More Cops in Cars as Deaths Plateau

The AA has called for more traffic cops in cars after the death rates on UK roads plateaued over the last 10 years following a decline over the previous three decades.

A Freedom of Information request by BBC programme Panorama found of the 26 police forces who responded, almost half of their fixed speed cameras are not working.

Wiltshire Police admitted they have no fixed or mobile cameras and instead rely on handheld cameras. In areas like North Yorkshire, Durham and Northamptonshire, they have no working fixed speed cameras at all due, in part, to funding arrangements changing, making them unaffordable.

It has led to a belief that motorists are more likely to get away with misdemeanours as a result. A recent AA Yonder survey found 26% of drivers asked thought there was little or no chance of being stopped for drinking driving or speeding. Four in 10 said there was a similar prospect of being caught using a mobile phone while driving. More than half said there’s little chance of being stopped for careless driving.

Edmund King OBE, President of the AA, said: “It is tragic that road deaths have plateaued over the last decade after a period of sharp decline. These deaths are totally unnecessary and should not be happening. We have safer vehicles; we have should have safer roads and safer drivers.

“It is a scandal that five people per day die on our roads. That is totally unacceptable.

“We rightly hear much about the tragic loss of life due to knife crime and yet almost eight times as many people are killed on the roads every single year than die from knife crime. We cannot continue this way. There be a national commitment from the Prime minister down to end this carnage.”

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